This four-part article series discusses 19 habits that, through various mechanisms (both short and long term) lead to the degradation of the health of your teeth, gums and jaw bone.

Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series on the top 19 habits to stop if you want to avoid ever needing Houston dental implants as a result of tooth decay and subsequent loss. In our previous three posts, the dental implant surgeon in Houston discussed the following 13 points:

1.Chewing on ice,

2.Tongue and lip piercings,

3.Playing sports without a mouth guard,

4.Giving babies bedtime bottles

5.Teeth grinding,

6.Regularly sucking on cough drops,

7.Chewing on gummy candy,

8.Sipping on soft drinks,

9.Using your teeth as tools,

10.Drinking sports and energy drinks,

11.Regularly drinking fruit juices,

12.Indulging in potato chips,

13.Constant snacking.

In this, the final installment of the series, we shall explore the final 6 habits to avoid if you want to (1) keep your teeth in excellent lifelong condition and (2) avoid ever needing Houston dental implants.

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: Habit to Avoid # 14 ~ Chewing on Pencils

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Just as the dental implant surgeon in Houston warns you against chewing on ice, so too should you avoid munching on the end of your pencil. Chronic habits like this can do substantial damage to the dental enamel, rendering the tooth more vulnerable to bacteria, decay and infection and possibly even the need for replacement with a Houston dental implant.

Recommendation: If you have the urge to chew, opt for sugarless gum, advises the dental implant surgeon in Houston: it tastes better!

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: Habit to Avoid # 15 ~ Coffee Addiction

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional cup of coffee, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston, but drinking multiple cups every day can contribute to severe staining of the dental enamel. Coffee is heavy in acid and dark tannins, which can render your pearly whites a less attractive shade of yellow.

Recommendations: There are a number of things you can do to prevent dental staining from coffee-drinking, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston. (1) Chase sips of coffee with water, (2) add milk to your coffee to lessen its staining effect and (3) limit the amount of coffee you drink every day. If your teeth are already quite stained from your five-a-day habit, then ask your dentist about the various whitening methods they have, suggests the dental implant surgeon in Houston.

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: Habit to Avoid # 16 ~ Smoking

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There is no greater death sentence to your teeth than smoking, warns the dental implant surgeon in Houston. Smoking causes dental staining, bad breath, inflamed gums, oral cancer and periodontal (gum) disease, the latter two of which leads to tooth loss and the need for Houston dental implants. Ironically, however, smoking also compromises the success of implant procedures, so you may not even be able to replace the teeth that have gone missing as a result of your lifelong habit!

Recommendations: Break free of this crippling habit and you can save your teeth, your smile and your life, urges the dental implant surgeon in Houston.

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston n: Habit to Avoid # 17 ~ Drinking Red Wine

One glass of red wine with dinner is actually very good for you, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston. But frequent exposure to the acids that are naturally found in wine can result in the erosion of your dental enamel, creating rough spots on the tooth crowns that render them more susceptible to staining. Red wine, in particular, is full of tannins and a dark pigment called chromogens. These are responsible for that comical purple smile you have after a glass or two.

Recommendation: Everything in moderation. And pair your wine with water.

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: Habit to Avoid # 18 ~ Drinking White Wine

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Unfortunately, white wine isn’t that much better either. The high acidic content of this beverage still leave the enamel weakened and more vulnerable to staining from other dark-colored foods and drinks, such as your post-dinner coffee.

Recommendation: As with red wine, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston, pair your white wine with water. You can also invest in dental whitening toothpaste, which contains low concentrations of bleaching agent. This will combat the accumulation of staining from red and white wine.

Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: Habit to Avoid # 19 ~ Binge Eating

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Eating disorders not only wreak havoc upon the body, they do irreparable damage to your teeth as well, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston. Many people who had eating disorders in their teens have ended up requiring Houston dental implants to replace teeth that were lost as a result of malnutrition and tooth decay from constant acid exposure (in the case of bulimics). Binge eating is no better as one tends to indulge in foods that are high in sugar, such as sweets.

Recommendation: Seek immediate professional help from a general doctor and a psychologist. Eating disorders are terribly destructive and can do lifelong damage to your body and youthful smile.

A Final Note on Houston Dental Implants

Houston dental implants offer the most comprehensive and long term solution to single and multiple missing teeth. Yet, in spite of their sophistication as a dental technology, they simply cannot rival the aesthetics and functionality of your own natural teeth. Follow the advice laid out in this four part article series, says the dental implant surgeon in Houston, and you’ll keep your teeth beautiful and healthy for life!

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