This four-part article series discusses 19 habits that, through various mechanisms (both short and long term) lead to the degradation of the health of your teeth, gums and jaw bone.

Welcome back to our four-part article series on the top 19 habits to avoid if you want to prevent yourself from ever needing to replace irreparably damaged and decayed teeth with Houston dental implants. In our previous article post, we launched the series with the first four habits to avoid:

1.Chewing on ice,

2.Tongue and lip piercings,

3.Playing sports without a mouth guard,

4.Giving babies bedtime bottles.

Now, we shall continue on with the next five nasty habits to avoid. In conjunction with a rigorous home oral hygiene routine and regular appointments with the dentist and dental hygienist, adhering to this guide will help you keep all of your original adult teeth in fantastic condition. Save yourself the expense and experience of Houston dental implants with proper lifelong care of your pearly whites!

Houston Dental Implants: Habit to Avoid # 5 ~ Grinding Your Teeth

Houston Dental Implant

Teeth grinding, also referred to as Bruxism, is a nasty habit that can erode the teeth down over time. In some advanced cases, patients have worn their teeth down to nubs and require Houston dental implants! Teeth grinding is something people tend to do unconsciously, or at nighttime in their sleep and it is believed to be related to stress. Teeth grinders render their pearly whites incredibly vulnerable to bacteria and infection, which access the pulp chamber of the teeth via cracks, fissures and fractures caused by the incessant grinding.

Recommendation: The dentist can immediately see evidence of tooth grinding. Have a mouth guard fitted and wear it to bed every night to prevent irreparable damage to your pearly whites and the need for Houston dental implants.

Houston Dental Implants: Habit to Avoid # 6 ~ Cough Drops

This may sound like a bit of a surprising habit to avoid, but sucking on cough drops is no healthier for your teeth than candy! Just because it’s a medicine, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have ramifications for your oral health. Most cough drops are loaded with sugar to make them more palatable. Bacteria love sugar, so whenever you pop one of these medicinal candies into your mouth, their activity spikes. The by-products of their ingestion of this sugar are high in acid, which corrodes away dental enamel. The result? Cavities and an increase risk of decay!

Recommendation: There are other, less tasty and sugar-free options for the treatment of colds and coughs. But if it means avoiding tooth decay and the need for Houston dental implants…

Houston Dental Implants: Habit to Avoid # 7 ~ Gummy, Chewy Candy

Houston Dental Implants

There isn’t a single sugary indulgence that is good for your pearly whites, but some are certainly worse than others. Gummy candy sticks in the natural grooves and crevasses of the teeth, resulting in the advanced localized production of acidic bacterial waste. This can stay in contact with your teeth for hours, increasing your chance of cavity formation, decay and even eventual tooth loss (and the need for Houston dental implants.)

Recommendation: If you can’t resist a gummy treat, have it during the course of a meal. Chewing other food and an increased saliva production should help to wash resistant gummy candy away.

Houston Dental Implants: Habit to Avoid # 8 ~ Fizzy Soft Drinks

Candy isn’t the only indulgence brimming with sugar. Soft drinks have as many as 11 teaspoons of sugar per standard-sized tin can! In addition to this, soft drinks contain citric and phosphoric acid, which eat away at your dental enamel. If you failed to see the connection between fizzy soft drinks and Houston dental implants before, that should make it crystal clear!

Houston Dental Implant

Recommendation: Diet soft drinks aren’t that much better either. Artificial sweeteners are also acidic. The best thing to do if you want to lower your risk of tooth decay and the need for Houston dental implants is to wean yourself off of these sugar and acid-rich thirst busters. Learn to love water. It’s much better for you!

Houston Dental Implants: Stay Tuned

To read about more habits that could, one day, see you requiring Houston dental implants, stay tuned for the third installment of this four-part article series.

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