Dental Implants in Houston, Texas has become very easy with the advancement of technology. All On 4 Implant is considered as one of the best procedures of getting back shiny teeth. Are you missing one or more teeth? Have you lost your teeth due to extreme periodontal disease or decay?  If yes, then Dental Implants in Houston Texas can get your permanent teeth back.


Now, the question comes, what are dental Implants?

It is a self sustaining but artificial tooth root, which is inserted in the jaw-bone. This artificial tooth root supports replacement teeth by acting as an anchor.


You might be apprehensive about the success of these dental implants. However, statistics show that its success rate is more than 95%. The most alluring part of Dental Implants is that it can last a lifetime, provided dental hygiene is maintained properly and scheduled dental visits are done regularly. Dental Implants done in Houston, Texas, helps in keeping adjacent teeth healthy and also maintaining the jawbone structure.


The most important aspect of dental implants is that it works and feels just like natural teeth. These implants don’t require any kind of support from other teeth of the mouth and can’t be removed because they are integrated with the bones firmly.


The most emphatic aspect of All On 4 Implant is that it can help you to get back full set of permanent teeth for both the arches, upper as well as lower.


Now, you may be wondering about All On 4 Implant procedure


This procedure of dental implant helps you to get back permanent teeth, which doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning or other purposes (as in the case of dentures). All on four implant procedure uses 4 dental implants for attaching the new set of replacement teeth, which are permanent in nature.  


How much time can implant procedure take?


You can get back your permanent teeth in a single day itself. In fact, you can get back home in the same day of replacing your teeth. How is it possible? The answer lies in the 2 points mentioned below:

i)                    Cross stabilization, which is provided by the implant itself

ii)                   Firm structure of replacement teeth


Benefits of this technique are mentioned below:


  1. The recovery time required after replacement of teeth is minimal.
  2. If a cost comparison is done between a single implant and this technique then the overall cost of the later is much less than the former.
  3. In most of the cases, the requirement of bone grafting is eliminated.
  4. Maintenance of these teeth is much easy.
  5. The person, who goes for this type of implant, gets back the ability of eating all kinds of foods.

Can anyone go for Dental Implants Houston, Texas?


Almost everyone can opt this implant process. The candidate can implant one or more teeth. However, there are two things that must be kept in mind while going for these types of implants:

  1. Heavy smoking must always be avoided
  2. Uncontrolled diabetes

Is every dentist qualified to perform dental implants in Houston, Texas?

No, every dentist is not qualified enough to perform these implants. Only those doctors who have special training and also have adequate experience in implant dentistry are capable of performing dental implant. Hence, it will always be prudent for you to check the credentials of the concerned doctor before opting for one.

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