If you have lost your teeth then Dental Implants Houston can offrer a permanent and long lasting solution to teeth loss problem. Do you want to know more about Houston dental implants? Know more!

Dental Implants in Houston and Other Teeth Replacement Solutions
Periodontal disease, severe or mild, or tooth decay has become a common problem for people. Due to this, we are loosing one or several teeth. However, the solutions available for teeth replacement are traditional in nature and are generally uncomfortable to wear. Moreover, these solutions are temporary solution. Some of these traditional teeth replacement solutions are bridges, dentures, etc.

However, there is another teeth replacement solution, which is considered among the best solutions available till date and that is “dental Implants Houston”. A person who has lost teeth can get back permanent teeth through dental implants in Houston. In this process, an artificial tooth root is inserted in the jawbone. This self-sustaining tooth root acts as an anchor and supports the replacement teeth. According to a survey, it has been found out that the rate of success of Houston dental implants is more or less 95%. In fact these implants can last for lifetime, if some points are maintained carefully:
1.    Maintenance of dental hygiene in a proper manner
2.    Visit dental clinics in a regular and scheduled manner

One of the best parts of dental implants in Houston is that it induces growth in its adjacent teeth. The reason behind this is that it is self sustaining in nature and doesn’t need support from the adjacent teeth. In fact, these dental implants help in maintaining the structure of the jawbone.

Different Parts of Houston Dental Implants

These implants have essentially 3 parts:
1st Part: A base implant - This is essentially made up of titanium and replaces the tooth root. It is joined with the jawbone.

2nd Part: Abutment – This abutment is connected with the titanium-made base implant. This is the part that remains protruded from the gum-line.

3rd Part: Crown – A crown, which resembles natural teeth, is placed over the abutment and forms an artificial tooth. This tooth is self-sustaining and looks as well as feels absolutely normal.

Benefits of Dental Implants

1.    They are permanent in nature and offer long term solution. If proper dental hygiene is maintained, accompanied by dental clinic visit in a scheduled and regular manner then it can last a lifetime.
2.    The resulting look and feeling of these implants are absolutely natural.
3.    They are not required to be attached with the bone, with the help of artificial gum lines or adhesives.
4.    They are not required to be removed.
5.    They are self-sustaining and thus don’t require support from adjacent teeth. That’s why dental implants in Houston help the bones of adjacent teeth to grow.

Can this procedure replace one missing tooth? Can it replace several or all of the missing teeth?

Yes, one missing tooth can be replaced with this method. Firstly, an implant is placed in the missing tooth area, having a base implant that is made up of titanium. Then an abutment is posted over the base, followed by a crown that looks absolutely like a natural tooth.

The same procedure is done for many or all missing teeth. Thus, teeth loss is not a problem anymore. You can get back your shiny smile back with Dental Implants in Houston.

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