"This two-part article series explains how the “All-on-4” dental implant protocol makes it possible for dentists to give patients new teeth in as little as a single surgery of an hour only."

New teeth in an hour in Houston… yeah right! There’s got to be a catch in there somewhere! But believe it or not, this is how far dental science has come in its ability to treat edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients. Modern dental implant protocol, namely the “All-on-4” technique, has made it possible for qualified and experienced implant dentists to give patients a brand new set of teeth in an hour in Houston. But how on Earth is this possible? And what is the catch?

Teeth in an hour Houston

This attitude is not difficult to understand when you consider that older surgical techniques for the placement of dental implants - with multiple surgeries and the need for bone grafting - frequently required patients to wait up to 18 months before they could smile with confidence. Not anymore, say implant dentists! In most cases, the “All-on-4” protocol is able to give patients that have long suffered the challenges of being edentulous or having to wear removable dentures new and beautiful teeth in an hour in Houston!

The “All-on-4” Protocol: New Teeth in an Hour in Houston

The “All-on-4” technique is a breakthrough in the treatment of edentulous and near-edentulous patients. And how it works is simple: through the careful placement and precise angulation of four dental implants in the posterior and anterior portion of the mouth (see image below), full support can be provided for a customized non-removable prosthetic dental bridge. The result is a full set of teeth that are immediately functional and virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. Alright, so this does sound fairly straight-forward, but new teeth in an hour in Houston? Surely a surgical procedure of this nature would take longer?

New Teeth in an Hour in Houston: How it Works

Teeth in an hour
Getting new and non-removable teeth in an hour in Houston all begins with your initial consultation with the implant dentist. During this appointment, your oral problems and medical history will be thoroughly discussed. Afterwards, a clinical examination of your teeth will be done and X-rays taken of your jaw to help the dentist visualize the extent of any damage done by periodontal disease (the most common cause of rampant tooth loss), as well as the amount of bone volume lost as a result of tooth loss gone untreated. If you have been determined to be a candidate for “All-on-4” dental implants – and most patients are – then a date will be set for your surgery during which you will receive your new teeth in an hour in Houston. Lastly, molds will be taken of your teeth to aid in the custom fabrication of the dental bridge.

On the day of the surgery, the dentist will have an intricate understanding of your oral problems and will have planned the procedure in great detail so that you are literally able to go in and out of surgery. Any old and failing teeth will be extracted and four dental implants placed per jaw. Once the surgery has been drawn to a close, the prosthodontist will come and affix the bridge to the abutments of the implants and there you have it: new, immediately functional and aesthetic teeth in an hour in Houston. But there’s more to the “All-on-4” protocol than a well-planned and executed surgery. The real secret behind the success of this technique and its ability to give patients new teeth in an hour in Houston is avoiding the need for bone grafting….

Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Stay Tuned

To find out more about the “All-on-4” protocol and how it makes it possible for patients to receive new teeth in an hour in Houston, stay tuned for the next installment of this article series.

_This two-part article series investigates how the All-on-4 dental implant protocol can make it possible for patients to receive a new set of non-removable teeth in as little as an hour!
_All on 4 Implants and Teeth in an Hour: An Introduction

It doesn’t require much imagination to understand how incredibly challenging it must be to live a life without teeth. Sure, there are various dental technologies designed to enable edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous people to eat, speak and smile with a degree of confidence. But just sit down with one of these people and the associated crippling challenges and repeated expenses they will tell you about will just about break your heart. Oral sores that will not heal, a limited diet, impeded taste ability, low self-confidence and endless visits to the pharmacy for anesthetic gels, adhesives and cleaning agents. Imagine then how incredible it would be to be able to get new teeth in an hour; and not just another set of dentures… no. We’re talking about a brand new set of beautiful, non-removable and immediately functional teeth in an hour; teeth that are virtually indistinguishable in function, feel and aesthetics from natural teeth. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction doesn’t it? Well, new teeth in an hour are possible thanks to breakthrough All on 4 implants!

Teeth in an Hour: Previous Challenges

In order to truly appreciate what All on 4 implants are capable of, one needs to understand the difference between this dental implant protocol and traditional techniques. Dental implants certainly do offer a far more sophisticated and long term solution to single, multiple and total tooth loss than removable dentures. But there are different surgical placement plans available and All on 4 implants refer to one that was innovated in 1993 by European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo. This new protocol overcame the challenges that faced traditional dental implant techniques and in doing so, made it possible for qualified and experienced oral surgeons, such as Dr. Wayne Brueggen, to give patients a new set of ‘permanent’ teeth in an hour.

•    Multiple Dental Implants, Multiple Surgeries

Traditional dental implant techniques required 6, 8 and even 10 implants to be surgically placed per jaw in order for patients to get a full set of teeth. This equates to up to 20 dental implants, which simply cannot be placed in a single surgery. So, in addition to the incredible expenses associated with such a large number of dental implants, patients were required to undergo multiple surgeries, which of course go hand-in-hand with endless consultations with specialists, recovery periods, prescription medications and time off from work. New teeth in an hour? Far from it! A journey to oral rehabilitation could take a year and even up to 18 months with traditional dental implant techniques.

_•    Bone Grafting Surgery


Another hurdle on the road to getting a new set of non-removable teeth in an hour included bone grafting surgery. Many patients that have long lived with several missing teeth and/or removable dentures present with a substantial loss of jaw bone volume. This is a direct result of atrophy of the hard tissue, which actually relies upon the stimulation provided by the tooth roots to remain alive and healthy. Once this stimulation is lost, the hard tissue in the jaw wastes away resulting in a reduction in bone volume. Dental implants, just like natural teeth, require sufficient bone volume in order to remain permanently ‘anchored’ in the mouth. As a result, bone grafting surgery becomes necessary before dental implants can be used to provide a viable tooth replacement solution. The problem here is that bone grafting requires months of healing before the jaw is ready to support implants, thus making new teeth in an hour impossible.

All on 4 Implants and New Teeth in an Hour: Stay Tuned

To find out how All on 4 implants bypass the challenges posed by traditional surgical techniques and make new teeth in an hour possible, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part series, courtesy of implant dentist Dr. Wayne Brueggen.

The BriteSmile® System can be used to give patients whiter teeth in as little as an hour, but good home oral hygiene care is fundamental for healthy white teeth for a lifetime.

Beautiful Teeth in an Hour: Introduction

Dentists love to tell us that when it comes to our oral health there are no ‘quick fixes’. A life-long dedication to a high standard of oral hygiene as well as regular visits to the dentist’s chair are the only things that are going to help us keep our original teeth in a beautiful and healthy state until well into our late adulthood. While this is for the most part true – and you are going to love this if you, like me, are slavishly devoted to instant gratification – there is a technicality to this claim that allows you to get beautiful white teeth in an hour. It’s called the BriteSmile® System and it actually enables patients to receive a whitening treatment that will leave you Red Carpet ready with dazzling teeth in an hour!

Beautiful White Teeth in an Hour with the BriteSmile® System

When it comes to looking after our teeth, the vast majority of us are far from perfect in our home hygiene habits. And if you do actually manage to leave the dentist’s office having received two thumbs up, then you are doing something right! For some people, the perfect check-up is a distant memory lost in the mists of childhood, before you discovered staining lifestyle fuels such as caffeine and nicotine. Considering how important we regard our smiles to be in our everyday interactions, it then comes as no surprise to learn that teeth whitening has become one of the most popular and widely sought-after treatments offered by dentists. Unfortunately, many of these bleaching treatments take multiple appointments with the dentist while others require you to spend hours with a plastic tray in your mouth, night after night. The BriteSmile® System on the other hand is capable of giving you stunning white teeth in an hour. Just one hour in the dentist’s chair and all those years of black coffee, red wine and cigarette smoking are forgiven… at least to the eye they are.

Beautiful White Teeth in an Hour: Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

Nowadays, we are so completely driven by instant gratification that we forget about making those important investments in our future health and beauty. The BriteSmile® System is an excellent quick fix for beautiful teeth in an hour, but ultimately, it only removes stains caused by certain chemicals and compounds in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. It does not reverse damage or decay and it does not make your teeth healthier. The BriteSmile® System is perfect for those who look after their teeth with regular brushing and flossing and who are just looking for quick treatment to give them whiter teeth in an hour. While giving up caffeine altogether may be too much to ask of today’s modern business man or woman, bad habits such as smoking that lead to tooth discoloration should be avoided at all costs: Both your oral and general health are at stake. So, for beautiful teeth in an hour, ask your dentist about the BriteSmile® System. For beautiful teeth for a lifetime, sound oral health and hygiene is a must!

This article describes how cosmetic dentistry is capable of restoring oral aesthetics in as little as a single dental appointment of only one hour.

New Teeth in an Hour: Overview

If you spend more time counting the flaws and assessing the discoloration of your teeth in the mirror than admiring their pearly white hue, then perhaps it is time you considered getting new teeth in an hour! Really? Brand new teeth? Well, perhaps we’d better elucidate: It is often said that ‘prevention is better that cure’ and in no other field is this truer than in dentistry. Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene your whole life versus the crippling effects of periodontal (gum) disease, tooth loss and having to wear partial or removable dentures cannot be compared in convenience and expense, not to mention oral aesthetics and bite functionality. The path to this advanced state of gum disease can easily be avoided through regular and proper oral hygiene habits while avoiding negative lifestyle choices such as smoking, drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. However, things do happen during the course of our lifetime that can make us wish we could start over with a fresh canvas. Teeth can become chipped, worn, cracked and discolored simply through wear-and-tear, accidents and exposure to staining foods and drinks. It is at these times that new teeth in an hour sound like an especially tantalizing offer!

Cosmetic Treatments for New Teeth in an Hour

There is one important thing you need to remember about the practice of dentistry; if your teeth are healthy, no educated and experienced dentist is going to recommend extracting them to replace them with a full set of new teeth in an hour. There is a whole suite of cosmetic treatments designed to remove the appearance of staining, chipping and other disfigurements of the teeth and gums that are quick and incredible in the aesthetic results they offer. Tooth bleaching is an example of a quick and easy treatment that can leave you with virtually new teeth in an hour! Underneath all those stains lie perfectly healthy teeth (hopefully) that simply require a bit of bleaching to reveal their true dazzling color. For the teeth that have sustained damage through cracking and chipping, there are porcelain veneers and crowns to completely restore oral aesthetics. Even better, these treatments frequently only require two visits to the dentist with the restorations being fitted in as little as a single hour! In many cases, a thorough professional hygienic teeth cleaning is all that stands between you and new teeth in an hour.

New Teeth in an Hour: The Bottom Line

While we are distracted, and in some cases intrigued, by the myriad of teeth replacement techniques that offer comprehensive, long-term and aesthetic solutions, what we really need to remember is that for new teeth in an hour, all you need to do is maintain a high standard of oral hygiene at home and visit your dentist on a regular basis. Should you be unhappy with the quality of your smile and wish to cover up a lifetime’s accumulation of chips, stains and cracks, there are a great many cosmetic treatments that really can give you new teeth in an hour; they will still be your teeth, but they will be as good as new!