This article will give you a clear idea on the positive difference between All-on Four dental implants versus traditional denture options in the Houston area. The advantages of All-on-Four dental implants are also stated categorically in this article. Please read on to learn more.


Recently, dental surgeons are receiving a large number of inquires about the fresh alternative to dentures which is a procedure known as All-on-Four dental implants. Word is spreading and dental surgeons in the Houston area are investigating the buzz. What they’re discovering is that a majority of patients do not have a clear understanding of the actual methods involved with the All-on-Four dental implant method and how it differs from traditional dentures. In general, patient focus remains on the cosmetic results. While the natural look of All-on-Four dental implants is an extremely important advantage of getting away from the more artificial look of dentures, the clarification ofadditional advantages of All-on-Fours dental implants helps patients confidently adopt the procedure.


All-on-Four dental implants are made of titanium and the crown part resembles an incredibly natural looking tooth. This is the ideal procedure for people who have lost, or are about to lose all of their real teeth due to reasons such as tooth decay or acute periodontal disease. Integrating the All-on-Four dental implants within your existing jawbone provides a secure and long-term solution for tooth loss. There are no adhesives required and a patient does not need to worry about the pitfalls that are commonly associated with dentures. For example, the common disadvantages related to dentures include having to remove them for routine cleaning, fussing with adhesives, avoiding certain foods, slippage, poor breath, and the possibility of losing your dentures all together!

With All-on-Four dental implants the advantages are unrivaled. The same-day procedure allows the patient to undergo gentle oral sedation, receive their new set of teeth and leave the office with a brand new smile. They also leave with the confidence that their new dental implants will remain in place as a permanent solution. All-on-Four dental implants have a 97.7% average overall success rate and require minimal recovery time. In the rare instance that an implant fails to integrate within a patients jawbone the simple solution usually involves a slight movement of the All-on-Four dental implant in order to remedy it. The majority of All-on-Four patients enjoy a renewed and youthful appearance, one that has the capability of lasting a lifetime.

All-on-Four dental implants improve the quality of life for people and this is a key aspect. Immediate benefits to the procedure include only minimal soreness, a natural looking smile, the ability to eat a light meal the very same evening, the benefit of enjoying many types of foods with peace of mind, and overall ease of oral maintenance. The All-on-Four dental implants typically require only two post op visits, and one visit each at four months and six months respectively for impressions and for placing the permanent set of teeth.

The Brueggen Dental Implant Center offers a simple, effective and quality method for replacing missing teeth by offering the premiere All-on-Four dental implant method. This solid alternative to dentures has become a must-have in the Houston area.