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This article discusses the many benefits and advantages the “All-on-4” dental implant protocol offers compared with the traditional approach to edentulism: denture-wearing.

In the early 1990s, a technique for fixed oral rehabilitation was innovated by European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo in collaboration with one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers, Nobel Biocare. Since its conception, the revolutionary technique referred to as ‘All on 4 implants’ in Houston has succeeded in drastically improving the lives of tens of thousands of patients all over the world and has given hope for a better future of oral health to the millions more who suffer from tooth loss as a result of advanced periodontal (gum) disease. In this article, we will be taking a look at what All on 4 implants in Houston can do for those that are either already edentulous (don’t have a single original adult tooth left) or are facing an immediate future of edentulism. We shall then take a look at the benefits of this dental implant protocol over and above the traditional and somewhat archaic approach to treating edentulism: removable dentures or ‘false teeth’.

What All on 4 Implants in Houston can do for You

Quite simply, All on 4 implants in HoustonAll on 4 Implants Houston provide a comprehensive, non-removable and long-term solution for patients suffering from tooth loss and edentulism, generally as a result of advanced periodontal (gum) disease. Even patients who have been told that they are not candidates for traditional dental implant techniques are able to get a full set of teeth that function, feel and look like natural healthy teeth. In some cases, All on 4 implants in Houston can be placed in as little as a single dental appointment of only a few hours! The protocol itself is far less expensive than traditional dental implant techniques and it gives patients beautiful, immediately functional teeth that can last a lifetime.

All on 4 Implants in Houston and ‘false teeth’: The Difference

The solutions provided by All on 4 implants in Houston far exceed any of those ever supplied by traditional teeth replacement techniques, such as removable full or partial dentures (false teeth). Essentially, you will receive a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge which is permanently attached to dental implants in your mouth.

As a result of this, the custom-designed prosthesis:

  • Does not apply pressure to or rub against the underlying gums, causing inflammation, discomfort and the development of sores.
  • All on 4 implants
  • Does not require removal at nighttime or after meals for cleaning; in fact, All on 4 implants in Houston are cared for just like natural teeth, sparing you the inconvenience and social discomfort associated with removable dentures.
  • Cannot fall out causing acute social embarrassment.
  • All on 4 implants in Houston provide aesthetic solutions that are virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth.
  • Do not cause bad breath, impede your sense of taste or trigger the gag reflex.
  • Promotes good jaw bone health: When teeth fall out, the important stimulation the tooth roots provided the bone in the jaw with is also lost. As a result, this hard tissue atrophies. It is the loss of a significant amount of bone volume that gives edentulous people an aged and sunken appearance about the mouth (see image below). All on 4 implants in Houston function like tooth roots and so provide the jaw with the stimulation it needs to remain healthy; effectively preventing further bone loss.

All of the above-mentioned short-comings are associated with removable dentures and All on 4 implants in Houston successfully overcome all of them! Don’t waste time, money and your quality of life on inferior teeth replacement technology. Qualified and experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, recommends breakthrough All on 4 implants in Houston over all other technology and protocol, time and again.

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