This two-part article series presents 10 reasons why the “All-on-4” dental implant protocol can change the lives of denture-wearers.

In the early 1990’s, European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo innovated a sophisticated dental implant protocol to provide edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients with a comprehensive and non-removable tooth replacement solution. Unlike all previous technologies, such as dentures or bridges, the All-on-4 in Houston, as the protocol is known, provides a fixed and long-term solution that can last for decades without the need for restoration or replacement. And unlike traditional dental implant protocol, the procedure for the placement of All-on-4 in Houston can be completed in a single day, with a single surgery. So, if you are a denture-wearer or are considering a tooth replacement solution, then read on! In this two-part article series, we present the 10 reasons the All-on-4 in Houston could change your life!

1. All-on-4 in Houston: Fixed and Non-removable Teeth

All-on-4 Houston

Let’s start with your level of self-consciousness. Most people struggling with rampant tooth loss or edentulism choose removable dentures (false teeth) because they are the least expensive tooth replacement option on the market. But just ask anyone who has been wearing removable dentures for any length of time and they will tell you about the ceaseless self-consciousness these archaic devices cause. “You constantly worry about your teeth moving around when you eat or talk,” explains one patient, “and you wonder if the people around you notice.” This isn’t even to mention the risk of ill-fitting dentures actually falling out your mouth, which might sound sensational, but is not unheard of!

The All-on-4 in Houston consists of a complete set of customized prosthetic teeth affixed to the abutments of, as the name suggests, four dental implants per jaw (see image above). As a result, your replacement teeth cannot move around or fall out. The fixed nature of the All-on-4 in Houston affords many other benefits…

2. All-on-4 in Houston: Looked After Just like Natural Teeth

Because the All-on-4 in Houston is fixed and non-removable, the dental bridge is cleaned just like natural teeth: with regular brushing and flossing. Unlike removable dentures, there is no need to remove the bridge at nighttime or after meals for cleaning, which is socially awkward at the best of times, not to mention an inconvenience!

3. All-on-4 in Houston: No Need for Messy Adhesives

Tired of constantly spending money on adhesives and worrying about your dentures sitting comfortably? The All-on-4 in Houston is ‘permanently’ affixed in the mouth with dental implants, thus negating the need for denture products such as adhesives. This saves patients a lot of money in the long run!

4. All-on-4 in Houston: A Comfortable Teeth Replacement Solution

The non-removable bridge used in the All-on-4 in Houston feels like a natural set of teeth and not like a foreign piece of plastic floating about in your mouth. This is largely thanks to the slimmer construction of the dental bridge. Removable dentures rely upon their bulkiness to keep them stabilized in the mouth. The All-on-4 in Houston is ‘anchored’ using dental implants, so the bridge can be fabricated to be much less bulky and this feels far more comfortable for patients.

5. All-on-4 in Houston: No More Pain!

Removable dentures sit on the gums covering the jaw bone ridge and transfer all the forces associated with eating and chewing directly to this vulnerable soft tissue. This causes much discomfort, pain, inflammation and the development of sores that aren’t given a chance to heal. Just like natural teeth, the All-on-4 in Houston gets all the support it needs directly from the underlying jaw bone. No more pain when eating and no more anesthetic gels!

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This four-part article series provides comprehensive answers to all the questions frequently asked about the All-on-4 dental implant protocol for complete oral rehabilitation.

According to the American Dental Association, a staggering 20 million people in the United States are missing all of their natural teeth and a further 100 million are missing between 11 and 15 teeth. Tooth loss, which is most frequently a result of poor lifelong oral hygiene, smoking and the acute and chronic oral bacterial infection of the gums (periodontal disease), is a pervasive problem in the United States. The technology previously used to provide edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients was removable dentures or ‘false teeth’ as they are colloquially known. Yet, in spite of the leaps that have been made in the treatment of tooth loss using dental implants - most notably the All-on-4 in Houston, a sophisticated surgical protocol for complete oral rehabilitation - millions of people still opt for dentures, which is an inferior tooth replacement technology that comes hand-in-hand with numerous challenges and repeated expenses.

In order to help patients needing new teeth understand the many benefits and advantages of dental implants as a comprehensive and long-term solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism, qualified and experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, will provide the answers to your frequently asked questions in this four-part article series on the All-on-4 in Houston.

FAQ # 1: What is the All-on-4 in Houston?

Answer: The All-on-4 in Houston is a surgical plan for the placement of dental implants in patients that have lost most, if not all of their teeth to oral bacterial infection, gum disease and decay. It enables implant dentists to provide these patients with a brand new set of immediately functional, comfortable and non-removable teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from a full set of natural healthy teeth.

FAQ # 2: Why is the All-on-4 in Houston considered to be a breakthrough in modern dental science?

Answer: The celebrity status of the All-on-4 in Houston quite simply has to do with the fact that this implant protocol is capable of achieving the unprecedented. Patients can receive a brand new set of beautiful, functional and non-removable teeth in as little as a single day, with a single surgery! Prior to the conception of the All-on-4 in Houston, patients were looking at spending as long as a year-and-a-half in and out of surgery before they could enjoy a confident smile and functional bite. Furthermore, not everyone was a candidate for traditional dental implant techniques. And the cherry on the top: the All-on-4 in Houston saves the average patient a staggering $25,000 on oral rehabilitation and, for more complex cases, a whopping $45,000!

FAQ # 3: Why is the protocol called the All-on-4?

Answer: The protocol essentially involves the affixing of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge to four dental implants in the mouth. The name, “All-on-4”, refers to the fact that edentulous and near-edentulous patients can get a brand new set of teeth, which are supported entirely by only four dental implants per jaw (see image above). This is as opposed to traditional dental implant techniques, which frequently called for six, eight and ten implants to be placed per jaw.

All-on-4 in Houston: Stay Tuned!

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This four part article series explores the various benefits and advantages afforded by the All on Four dental implant protocol as compared with traditional tooth replacement techniques and technologies.

In our previous article posts on the breakthrough All-on-4 in Houston, courtesy of experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, we discussed how this innovative dental implant protocol offers superior aesthetic and functional solutions to edentulism (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulism. Furthermore, instead of waiting up to a year or more for a complete set of teeth, patients are able to undergo oral rehabilitation in a single day with a single surgery! And this brings us to one of the greatest benefits of the All-on-4 protocol… Cost.

All-on-4 Dental Implants and Cost Concerns

Money, money, money; it makes the world go around and plays a fundamental role in most, if not all of the decisions we make. When it comes to your health, in an ideal world, cost should not be a core concern. But it is the harsh reality. People opt for inferior teeth replacement technology because they cannot afford the better, more advantageous alternative. Thankfully, while the All-on-4 protocol is the newer and more sophisticated method for the treatment of rampant tooth loss and edentulism, it actually works out to be far cheaper than traditional dental implant methods! In fact, with the All-on-4 in Houston, patients presenting with straight-forward cases are able to save as much as $25,000 on oral rehabilitation, while more complex cases can save a staggering $45,000! And this is not even to mention how much time, pain and discomfort this innovative procedure saves patients.

It’s at this juncture that most people ask: “Ok, so where’s the catch? A better and more sophisticated tooth replacement protocol and it’s cheaper? That just doesn’t make sense.” Well, when you consider a few important things, you will come to understand how the All on 4 in Houston saves patients tens of thousands of dollars…

How the All-on-4 in Houston Saves You Money
  • The Number of Implants: If you have lost all of your original adult teeth to decay and gum disease and want to have a new set of teeth placed using dental implants, you would be looking at requiring up to 20 implants for both the upper and lower jaws. Now consider that each implant costs in the region of $3,500 to $4,500 and you can appreciate why oral rehabilitation using traditional implant techniques is so incredibly expensive! The All-on-4 on the other hand – as the name suggests – only requires four dental implants to be placed per jaw.
  • The Number of Surgeries: In addition to the cost of requiring up to 20 implants comes the cost of multiple surgeries, consultation with specialists and time off from work. 12 to 18 months spent in and out of surgery can rack up a monstrous bill for patients. The All-on-4 in Houston almost never requires more than a single surgery for patients to go from being edentulous to having a full, beautiful and healthy-looking smile!
  • Bone Grafting Surgery: The All-on-4 in Houston is capable of giving patients a brand new set of teeth almost always without the need for lengthy, painful and expensive bone grafting surgery beforehand. This not only saves patients months of recovery, it also saves them a lot of money!

A Final Note on the All-on-4 Protocol

The All-on-4 in Houston is the most sophisticated solution modern dental science has to offer people suffering from rampant tooth loss and edentulism as a result of decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Allowing your oral problems to go undiagnosed and untreated is a core part of the problem, so never allow a concern for cost to come between you and a much improved quality of life, thanks to the unrivalled solutions afforded by All-on-4 dental implants and Dr. Wayne Brueggen.

This article, part 1 of 2, describes the various steps a patient needs to go through before receiving a new set of teeth with the ‘All-on-4’ dental implant protocol.

So you’re considering the All-on-4 in Houston as the solution to your multiple missing teeth or edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left). First of all, you need to be congratulated on your smart investment in the future of your oral health and smile aesthetics. It is no secret how successful the All-on-4 dental implant protocol has become and this is thanks in no small part to its innovative approach to smile restoration. The next important issue to address is what you can expect to go through on your journey to oral rehabilitation. How many consultations? How many surgeries? How long until I can smile with confidence again? These are all very important questions that just about every patient considering the All-on-4 in Houston has. So, from the initial consultation to post-operative care, this two-part article provides a sweeping account of the average patient’s journey to a confident and healthy smile.

The All-on-4 in Houston: Initial Consultation

The first step in any patient’s journey is the initial consultation with a trained and qualified dentist or oral surgeon. During this consultation, you will undergo a thorough clinical examination so that the dentist can assess your problems and determine whether the All-on-4 in Houston would provide a viable solution for you. In most cases, this breakthrough dental implant protocol does! Then, you will have X-rays and CAT-scan images taken of your mouth and jaw, which aids in (1) the detailed planning of your surgery and (2) the skilled fabrication of the All-on-4 prosthetic dental bridge that will be fitted permanently in your mouth. Finally, all your questions and concerns will be addressed and a date for the All-on-4 in Houston set!

The All-on-4 in Houston: Surgery for a Smile in One Day!

On the day of your surgery, you will need to arrive at the dental implant facility in the morning. Two gentle sedative pills are administered to help you relax and feel completely at ease. It is completely understandable that patients feel some kind of anxiety before undergoing the All-on-4 in Houston and oral sedatives help immensely to manage this stress. Then, the dentist will begin to prepare your mouth to receive dental implants. This involves the extraction of the remaining failing teeth (if there are any) and the gentle cleaning of your mouth. The actual placement of the All-on-4 dental implants seldom takes more than two hours; so by lunchtime the surgical component of your journey will be completely over! Remember, all of this is performed under anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

For the next few hours, you will be left to relax while the prosthodontist puts the final touches on your new set of teeth. By late afternoon, you should have fully recovered from the sedative medication and will be ready to receive your customized prosthesis, which literally takes a few minutes to place. Once you are happy with the fit and feel of your new teeth, you are allowed to return home for a light meal and a good night’s rest. The All-on-4 in Houston really is that quick, straight-forward and painless!

The All-on-4 in Houston: Stay Tuned…

Stay tuned for the second article installment on the All-on-4 in Houston and the journey patients take to smile rehabilitation.