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This article describes what the All on Four dental implant protocol is and the many benefits and advantages it offers edentulous and near-edentulous patients.

The All on Four in Houston is a dental implant All on Four Houstonprotocol that provides a comprehensive and long-term solution for people that are either already edentulous (don’t have a single original adult tooth left) or are facing an immediate future of edentulism. According to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, a massive 70% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one of their original adult teeth. So, if you are currently feeling insecure about your ‘gappy’ smile, you are not alone! Teeth can go missing for a whole host of reasons: tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, accidental trauma, a failed root canal, chronic illnesses (cancer and diabetes) and certain medications; even your genetic heritage can render you more susceptible to tooth loss. Whatever the reason you have experienced, the All on Four in Houston has, time and again, proven to provide excellent results in the long term restoration of oral aesthetics and bite functionality!

The All on Four in Houston: The Preferred Teeth Replacement Solution

There are a great number of teeth replacement techniques out there… the one you are probably most aware of thanks to their comical portrayal in cinema are removable dentures or false teeth. While these dental devices have proved to be useful – enabling their wearers to eat, speak and look as All on Fourclose to normal as possible given the circumstances - modern dental science has evolved to offer far more comprehensive and long-term solutions to tooth loss that come with none of the challenges and repeated expenses. The All on Four in Houston is a perfect example of how far the science of dentistry has come in the treatment of edentulous and near-edentulous patients. So, how does this tooth replacement protocol work?

The All on Four in Houston, as the name suggests, involves the affixing of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge (a rigid structure with a full set of ceramic teeth that is fabricated to fit over the gums) to FOUR dental implants (see image above). Dental implants are exceptionally resilient and long-lasting titanium ‘tooth roots’ that act as anchors for a ceramic crown or, in the case of the All on Four in Houston, a non-removable bridge. Once healed, implants function and feel just like natural tooth roots, while keeping the underlying jaw bone healthy through the natural stimulation caused by chewing and grinding.

The Benefits of the All on Four in Houston

Because the prosthetic bridge is ‘anchored’ in the mouth with dental implants, the All on Four in Houston offers a whole host of benefits and advantages over traditional tooth replacement techniques:

  • They are fixed and non-removable so they do not shift around in the mouth and cannot fall out like false teeth tend to.
  • The bridge used in the All on Four in Houston protocol does not rely on the gums and underlying bone ridge for support, which is what causes inflammation, discomfort and the development of sores.
  • The All on Four in Houston promote good jaw bone health by preventing atrophy through the stimulation of the underlying bone tissue.
  • They provide a long-term solution that can last years and even decades if cared for properly.
  • The bridge used in the All on Four in Houston functions, feels and looks like a full set of natural healthy teeth, enabling you to enjoy your life with none of the challenges and repeated expenses associated with removable dentures.
Dr. Wayne Brueggen
The All on Four in Houston: The Choice of Implant Dentists

Qualified and experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, recommends the All on Four in Houston over removable dentures and older dental implant protocol time and again. Find out whether you are a candidate for this breakthrough tooth replacement technique today and you could be enjoying a much higher quality of life tomorrow.

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This article, part 1 of 3, explores the advantages of oral rehabilitation with the All-on-4 protocol over traditional teeth replacement technology; removable dentures.

Millions of people struggle with the crippling challenges and repeated expenses associated with removable dentures or, as they are colloquially known, false teeth. While this technology has long been the solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism (not having a single original adult tooth left), they do come hand-in-hand with many challenges that have a significant impact upon one’s social confidence, bite functionality and smile aesthetics. In this three-part article series, we shall be comparing the teeth replacement solutions provided by removable dentures with those of the revolutionary All on Four in Houston: a dental implant protocol used for the replacement of a patient’s entire set of missing and failing teeth. Armed with this greater awareness, patients can then make the investment necessary to dramatically improve their quality of life with the superior teeth replacement solutions provided by the All on Four in Houston.

The All on Four in Houston Versus Removable Dentures: Bite Functionality and Comfort

Removable dentures consist of a bulky plastic structure that is fabricated to resemble a complete set of teeth. It fits over and rests upon the gums, palate and underlying jaw bone ridge, upon which it relies for support. Additional peripheral mass called ‘flanges’ are used to stabilize the denture in the mouth. As a result of all this:
  • Dentures can shift, move around and even fall out!
  • They apply pressure to the underlying soft tissue (gums) causing pain, inflammation and sores that aren’t given a chance to heal.
  • They don’t permit patients to eat certain tough and chewy foods.
  • They feel like a foreign object in the mouth, resulting in an inescapable feeling of self-consciousness, especially when eating with friends and family.
  • Dentures impede one’s sense of taste and can even trigger the gag reflex.

The All on Four in Houston is a surgical placement protocol that involves the permanent attachment of a customized and non-removable prosthetic dental bridge to, as the name suggests, four dental implants in the mouth. As such:

  • The bridge cannot move around or fall out and because it is placed permanently in the mouth, it feels natural and comfortable.
  • The All on Four in Houston reaps all the support it needs directly from the jaw bone, just like natural teeth. So it feels comfortable and doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding hard and soft tissue in the mouth.
  • The All on Four in Houston enables patients to bite down with increased force, permitting them to eat all the foods they love but previously couldn’t enjoy with removable dentures or multiple missing teeth.
  • Owing to the smaller size and fitted nature of the dental bridge used in the All on Four in Houston, it does not impede taste sensation, nor does it trigger the gag reflex.

All on Four in Houston: Stay Tuned…

In our next article installment, we shall be looking at the difference between the smile aesthetics achieved by removable dentures versus that of the All on Four in Houston.

This article (Part 2 of 2) tackles some of the issues and questions frequently raised by patients who have been told that they are candidates for the ‘All on Four’ dental implant technique.

The All on Four in Houston: Introduction

In this article, part 2 of 2, some of the questions that are frequently asked about the innovative dental implant technique (the All on Four in Houston) by patients suffering from tooth loss and edentulism as a result of advanced periodontal (gum) disease are addressed.

Question 3 ~ How long does it take for me to get new teeth with the All on Four in Houston?

Answer: The amount of time it takes for you to undergo complete oral rehabilitation with the All on Four in Houston depends to a significant degree on the extent of the damage done to your jaw by periodontal disease. This disease is characterized as an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the jaw bone and soft tissues in the mouth. If left untreated in its early stages, as it so frequently is, it can cause rampant tooth loss, decay and the significant loss of bone volume in the jaw. So, if you require a new set of teeth and your jaw bone is still relatively healthy, then it is possible for the implantologist to perform the All on Four in Houston in a single dental appointment! In fact, it is this possibility in itself that has awarded this incredible technique with ‘breakthrough’ status in the fields of dental implantology and fixed oral rehabilitation.

However, if your jaw bone has become severely atrophied and cannot stably support the All on Four in Houston dental implants, then you will need to undergo bone grafting surgery to augment and encourage the growth of new and healthy hard tissue beforehand. The healing process can take anywhere between three and twelve months before your jaw will be strong enough for the All on Four in Houston. So, in summary, no standard treatment time can be blanketed across all individual patients. You will need to be properly assessed by a dental implantologist who will make the appropriate recommendations.

Question 4 ~ Does the procedure involved in the All on Four in Houston hurt?

Answer: Thanks to the sedative medications used before the All on Four in Houston, the anesthesia used during and analgesics (painkillers) prescribed afterwards, patients seldom complain of acute pain and discomfort associated with this procedure. Since only four dental implants are used for complete oral rehabilitation (and with the aid of sophisticated computer software to assist the implantologist in the detailed planning of the procedure), the number of incisions and sutures are kept to a minimum as is the invasive nature of the procedure. Consequently, most patients only complain of mild pain the following morning and in fact are often enjoying a hearty lunch by that afternoon! The level of pain and discomfort associated with the All on Four in Houston does, however, vary from patient to patient, especially for those requiring bone grafting surgery beforehand. However, the prescription of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications by the implantologist will all help to keep you comfortable and the pain to a minimum.