The BriteSmile® System can be used to give patients whiter teeth in as little as an hour, but good home oral hygiene care is fundamental for healthy white teeth for a lifetime.

Beautiful Teeth in an Hour: Introduction

Dentists love to tell us that when it comes to our oral health there are no ‘quick fixes’. A life-long dedication to a high standard of oral hygiene as well as regular visits to the dentist’s chair are the only things that are going to help us keep our original teeth in a beautiful and healthy state until well into our late adulthood. While this is for the most part true – and you are going to love this if you, like me, are slavishly devoted to instant gratification – there is a technicality to this claim that allows you to get beautiful white teeth in an hour. It’s called the BriteSmile® System and it actually enables patients to receive a whitening treatment that will leave you Red Carpet ready with dazzling teeth in an hour!

Beautiful White Teeth in an Hour with the BriteSmile® System

When it comes to looking after our teeth, the vast majority of us are far from perfect in our home hygiene habits. And if you do actually manage to leave the dentist’s office having received two thumbs up, then you are doing something right! For some people, the perfect check-up is a distant memory lost in the mists of childhood, before you discovered staining lifestyle fuels such as caffeine and nicotine. Considering how important we regard our smiles to be in our everyday interactions, it then comes as no surprise to learn that teeth whitening has become one of the most popular and widely sought-after treatments offered by dentists. Unfortunately, many of these bleaching treatments take multiple appointments with the dentist while others require you to spend hours with a plastic tray in your mouth, night after night. The BriteSmile® System on the other hand is capable of giving you stunning white teeth in an hour. Just one hour in the dentist’s chair and all those years of black coffee, red wine and cigarette smoking are forgiven… at least to the eye they are.

Beautiful White Teeth in an Hour: Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

Nowadays, we are so completely driven by instant gratification that we forget about making those important investments in our future health and beauty. The BriteSmile® System is an excellent quick fix for beautiful teeth in an hour, but ultimately, it only removes stains caused by certain chemicals and compounds in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. It does not reverse damage or decay and it does not make your teeth healthier. The BriteSmile® System is perfect for those who look after their teeth with regular brushing and flossing and who are just looking for quick treatment to give them whiter teeth in an hour. While giving up caffeine altogether may be too much to ask of today’s modern business man or woman, bad habits such as smoking that lead to tooth discoloration should be avoided at all costs: Both your oral and general health are at stake. So, for beautiful teeth in an hour, ask your dentist about the BriteSmile® System. For beautiful teeth for a lifetime, sound oral health and hygiene is a must!

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