The Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: A Professional Profile

The dental implant surgeon in Houston is the medical professional with all the education, experience and expertise necessary to restore compromised oral aesthetics and bite functionality as a result of single and multiple missing teeth. Teeth can go missing and need replacement for a great number of reasons – tooth decay, accidental trauma, gum disease, chronic illnesses (for example; cancer and diabetes), a failed root canal… even your genetic heritage and certain medications can render you more vulnerable to tooth loss during the course of your lifetime. But if there is one thing that’s inevitable, it’s that we will all lose at least one of our permanent teeth before we reach the ripe old age of 70.

If you’ve never heard of the dental implant surgeon in Houston, it’s about time you became acquainted! That’s right, the dental implant surgeon in Houston places dental implants and he’s so good at it that even people in their 90’s who don’t have a single original adult tooth left are walking away from his office with fabulous dazzling smiles (www.nodentures.com). Since tooth loss, be it single or multiple, is pretty much inevitable (and no one likes the idea of a ‘gappy’ smile), the dental implant surgeon in Houston gets bombarded with questions about dental implants and their advantages as a teeth replacement solution. So, without further ado, here are the answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions, PART 1 of 3.

Question 1 ~ What are dental implants?

Dental implants are essentially free-standing (so they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support) artificial ‘tooth roots’ constructed from titanium metal and fitted with a cosmetic and functional ceramic tooth crown. The latter part is the only part that is visible above the gum line and is fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable from a natural, healthy tooth.

Question 2 ~ Why is it important to replace missing teeth, even if you can’t see them?

Many people believe that if they lose a tooth from the back of their mouth where the gap isn’t so noticeable, then they don’t really need to seek solutions from the dental implant surgeon in Houston. Well, they couldn’t be any more wrong! Dental implants are so much more than mere cosmetic restorations.
  • Dental implants restore oral functionality: losing even a single tooth, be it a molar, premolar, incisor or canine, compromises your ability to chew properly.
  • They prevent the teeth adjacent to your bare tooth socket/s from becoming unstable and shifting.
  • They drastically reduce the risk of oral infection developing as a result of food and bacteria accumulating in the bare tooth socket.
The Dental Implant Surgeon in Houston: For Your Oral Health

The dental implant surgeon in Houston also places implants with the express intention of preventing the underlying jaw bone from atrophying as a result of tooth loss. Your tooth roots, through the natural mechanical forces and pressures associated with grinding and chewing, provide an importance source of stimulation to the underlying bone tissue. When a tooth falls out, this stimulation is also lost and without it the bone can start to atrophy. According to the dental implant surgeon in Houston, this has severe ramifications for your overall oral health and can require far more expensive and invasive procedures to correct problems down the line (www.dentalimplantcosthouston.com).


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