This article explains that no matter how sophisticated a tooth replacement technology is, it is always far better to have a full set of natural healthy teeth.

There is no doubt about it; tens of thousands of successfully treated patients are testament to the fact that All on 4 implants in Houston offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated solution to patients that are either already edentulous (don’t have any of their original teeth left) or are facing an immediate future of edentulism. The procedure involves one surgery, a single day and a journey from endless oral problems and complaints to complete smile rehabilitation. Unlike removable dentures, All on 4 implants in Houston are placed permanently in the mouth; as such, they function, look and feel like a full set of natural teeth. And unlike traditional dental implant protocol, this breakthrough procedure only requires four dental implants per jaw, a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge and a single surgery; almost always without the need for lengthy, painful and expensive bone grafting first. Yet, in spite of the sophisticated solutions offered by All on 4 implants in Houston, nothing - absolutely nothing - can beat having a full set of your own original adult teeth.

All on 4 Implants in Houston: The Causes of Tooth Loss

If there was a western style ‘wanted’ poster to represent the biggest troublemaker in the realm of oral health, it would have a sickeningly mean face and go by the name of ‘periodontal disease’. An acute and chronic oral bacterial infection of the soft tissues surrounding the teeth, periodontitis gone untreated is perhaps the greatest cause behind tooth loss in the United States according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control. While All on 4 implants in Houston can be used to provide a fantastic solution for the damage done by this disease, ultimately, it is best for everyone to simply avoid this condition in the first place! Prevention is better than cure. No one wants to witness their oral health deteriorate over the years and to slowly watch as one tooth fails after another, until eventually they face the need for dentures or All on 4 implants in Houston.

All on 4 Implants in Houston: The Importance of Good Oral Health and Hygiene

Keeping your full set of natural teeth – and avoiding the need for All on 4 implants in Houston – means that you must maintain great lifelong oral health and hygiene. This includes regular brushing, flossing and gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash, as well as bi-annual check-ups with a trained and qualified dentist and an oral hygienist. It also means avoiding habits that increase your risk of developing an oral bacterial infection and periodontal disease, like tobacco-use, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse and a diet that is high in fats and sugar. By following these simple guidelines for clean and healthy living, you can make sure that you keep your original pearly whites in great condition until well into your late adulthood and beyond!

A Final Note on All on 4 Implants in Houston

So, remember, while All on 4 implants in Houston offer a sophisticated solution to rampant tooth loss and are a fantastic investment, it is smarter to look after your original teeth in the first place!

This article takes a sweeping look at the All on 4 dental implant technique and the various benefits it affords patients over and above traditional placement protocol.

In the early 1990’s, years of clinical research and computer and biomechanical simulations culminated in a new dental implant placement protocol that was to revolutionize the fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and implantology. The technique developed by the combined efforts of Nobel Biocare, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental implant technology, and European implantologist, Dr. Paulo Malo, became referred to as the All-on-4. Since its conception, All on 4 dental implants have gone on to provide tens of thousands of edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients with a comprehensive, immediate and long-term solution to all of their oral problems. This article takes a look at All on 4 dental implants in Houston and some of the benefits this technique has over traditional surgical placement protocol.

All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston: How the Technique Works

Previously, the patients that required a brand new set of teeth faced a choice between removable dentures, which go hand-in-hand with a vast array of difficult challenges, or a journey to oral rehabilitation that involved numerous consultations, surgeries, bone grafting and the placement of up to 20 dental implants! As a result, traditional dental implant protocol required as many as 18 months and sometimes more before a patient was able to smile with confidence again. This is not even to mention the exorbitant expenses associated with such a journey! All on 4 dental implants were essentially born out of a need to provide a more immediate, less expensive and far more sophisticated solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism. And here is how the technique works:

The All on 4 dental implants technique consists of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge, which is secured permanently in the mouth using, as the name suggests, only four implants (tiny, titanium screws). Owing to the precise placement and careful angulation of the All on 4 dental implants, skilled and qualified dentists are almost always able to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery beforehand. This applies even to patients that present with a substantial loss of bone volume in the jaw; a natural result of tooth loss gone untreated. As such, the entire procedure can quite easily be completed in a single day and since modern dental implants are fabricated to withstand immediate loading, patients are able to return home on the same day of their surgery and use their new teeth for eating, speaking and of course, for smiling!

All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston: Summing Up the Benefits

So, with All on 4 dental implants in Houston, patients are able to get a brand new set of immediately functional, perfectly aesthetic and comfortable replacement teeth that are permanently secured in the mouth using implants. The quality and durable materials that go into the manufacturing of the prosthesis and implant products ensure that All on 4 dental implants in Houston provide a comprehensive and long-term solution to tooth loss and edentulism; regardless of the underlying cause. 

This article, part 2 of 2, describes the various steps a patient needs to go through before receiving a new set of teeth with the ‘All-on-4’ dental implant protocol.
In our previous article post on All on 4 dental implants in Houston, we took patients on a conceptual tour of what is involved in getting a brand new set of immediately functional, aesthetic and non-removable teeth in a day with this breakthrough surgical protocol. We began with the initial consultation, which is used to assess a patient’s oral problems and candidacy for All on 4 dental implants in Houston. X-ray and CAT-scan images are also taken during this consultation to aid the detailed planning of the patient’s surgery and in the fabrication of their fixed and non-removable prosthetic dental bridge. The article then went on to discuss the procedure followed on the day of the placement of the All on 4 dental implants in Houston, which ends with a patient returning home to a light meal and a good night’s rest. In this, the second and final installment on this theme, we shall take a look at what a patient can expect to experience during their recovery and what kind of post-operative care they will need to take of their new beautiful teeth!

All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston: Recovery

There is unfortunately quite a common misconception surrounding dental implants: that it is exceptionally painful to have them placed. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth. While there is a degree of discomfort following the placement of All on 4 dental implants in Houston, this is easily managed with prescription analgesics or pain-killers and in any case subsides after a few days. In fact, the post-operative pain associated with All on 4 dental implants in Houston is less than that of having a tooth extracted, so patients should not allow a concern for discomfort to come in the way of them seeking oral rehabilitation.

All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston: Post-Operative Care

All the instructions you are expected to follow will be fully reviewed by your dentist on the day of your surgery, before you go home. Generally, post-operative recovery is minimal with many patients actually returning to work the very next day! The guidelines for care are as follows:
  • Avoid eating any hard or crunchy foods for the first few weeks,
  • Avoid habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption; this compromises healing and can actually lead to the failure of All on 4 dental implants in Houston,
  • Follow the prescribed dosages for analgesics in the management of post-operative pain and discomfort,
  • Get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet; this will enhance your body’s ability to heal faster,
  • Look after your new teeth as you would your original natural teeth; this includes twice daily brushing (for two minutes at a time), daily flossing and gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash.
After six months, the All on 4 dental implants in Houston should have completely healed, at which stage you will return to the dentist to have your permanent prosthesis placed.

A Final Note on All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston

This breakthrough procedure provides an immediate functional, aesthetic and comfortable solution to edentulism and near-edentulism. Don’t compromise your quality of life by settling for inferior tooth replacement technology. All on 4 dental implants in Houston offers a comprehensive and long-term solution!