This article, part 1 of 2, describes the various steps a patient needs to go through before receiving a new set of teeth with the ‘All-on-4’ dental implant protocol.

So you’re considering the All-on-4 in Houston as the solution to your multiple missing teeth or edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left). First of all, you need to be congratulated on your smart investment in the future of your oral health and smile aesthetics. It is no secret how successful the All-on-4 dental implant protocol has become and this is thanks in no small part to its innovative approach to smile restoration. The next important issue to address is what you can expect to go through on your journey to oral rehabilitation. How many consultations? How many surgeries? How long until I can smile with confidence again? These are all very important questions that just about every patient considering the All-on-4 in Houston has. So, from the initial consultation to post-operative care, this two-part article provides a sweeping account of the average patient’s journey to a confident and healthy smile.

The All-on-4 in Houston: Initial Consultation

The first step in any patient’s journey is the initial consultation with a trained and qualified dentist or oral surgeon. During this consultation, you will undergo a thorough clinical examination so that the dentist can assess your problems and determine whether the All-on-4 in Houston would provide a viable solution for you. In most cases, this breakthrough dental implant protocol does! Then, you will have X-rays and CAT-scan images taken of your mouth and jaw, which aids in (1) the detailed planning of your surgery and (2) the skilled fabrication of the All-on-4 prosthetic dental bridge that will be fitted permanently in your mouth. Finally, all your questions and concerns will be addressed and a date for the All-on-4 in Houston set!

The All-on-4 in Houston: Surgery for a Smile in One Day!

On the day of your surgery, you will need to arrive at the dental implant facility in the morning. Two gentle sedative pills are administered to help you relax and feel completely at ease. It is completely understandable that patients feel some kind of anxiety before undergoing the All-on-4 in Houston and oral sedatives help immensely to manage this stress. Then, the dentist will begin to prepare your mouth to receive dental implants. This involves the extraction of the remaining failing teeth (if there are any) and the gentle cleaning of your mouth. The actual placement of the All-on-4 dental implants seldom takes more than two hours; so by lunchtime the surgical component of your journey will be completely over! Remember, all of this is performed under anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

For the next few hours, you will be left to relax while the prosthodontist puts the final touches on your new set of teeth. By late afternoon, you should have fully recovered from the sedative medication and will be ready to receive your customized prosthesis, which literally takes a few minutes to place. Once you are happy with the fit and feel of your new teeth, you are allowed to return home for a light meal and a good night’s rest. The All-on-4 in Houston really is that quick, straight-forward and painless!

The All-on-4 in Houston: Stay Tuned…

Stay tuned for the second article installment on the All-on-4 in Houston and the journey patients take to smile rehabilitation.

This article explains the differences between the cost of All on 4 dental implants and traditional tooth replacement techniques and how the former constitutes a far more worthwhile investment.

One of the primary concerns patients express when investigating dental implants as a solution to single, multiple and total tooth loss (a state referred to as edentulism), is cost. This especially applies to patients seeking a solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism. Since a single dental implant can cost in the region of $4,000 it is no wonder that patients balk at the thought of replacing all of the teeth they have lost as a result of periodontal (gum) disease. Thankfully, All on Four dental implants offer all the benefits of a sophisticated and non-removable tooth replacement solution, but at a price tag that is as much as $45,000 lower than traditional dental implant protocols! With standard cases affording savings of around $25,000, there really is no reason to compromise on your quality of life by having archaic tooth replacement technology such as removable dentures and bridges fitted.

All on Four Dental Implants: Worth the Investment

The money you spend on undergoing the All on Four protocol constitutes an investment in your long term oral health and hygiene. Removable dentures come hand-in-hand with a whole host of challenges and expenses that can prove to be extremely socially and financially crippling. In the long term, denture wearers face the inevitable need for dental implants as a result of the loss of bone volume in the jaw; a consequence of tooth loss gone untreated. At some stage no amount of refitting can prevent dentures from slipping and causing acute discomfort. So, if you are edentulous or facing an immediate future of edentulism, then why not make this important investment in your long term oral health and quality of life?

In these situations, some perspective always helps: if you were in the market for a car, you wouldn’t expect to pay a paltry amount for a high performance vehicle; one that looks, works and feels superior to any other model you’d ever test driven. The same applies to dental technology. While the All on Four constitutes a greater initial investment than other more conventional techniques, such as removable dentures and bridges, it also affords massive savings over traditional dental implant protocols. And the benefits and advantages of the All on Four of course go without parallel! Now more than ever before, thanks to the All on Four technique, dental implants are becoming a solution that is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life.

All on Four Dental Implants: Key Benefits

The key benefits afforded by All on Four dental implants include:
  • A brand new set of non-removable teeth, almost always with a single surgery, in a single day.
  • Instant smile aesthetics and comfort.
  • Immediate functionality.
  • No more messy adhesives, anesthetic gels or cleaning products for removable dentures.
  • No more self-consciousness when you eat or speak; the All on Four is permanently affixed in the mouth and so it cannot shift around or fall out.
  • No need for expensive refitting every few years or so.
  • The All on Four is a comprehensive and long term solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism.

This article explores all the different ways that a permanent tooth replacement solution affords patients a much improved quality of life.
Dr. Brueggen dental implant center
All on Four implants
If you thought that messy adhesives, slipping dentures and aging facial contours were the burden you had to bear, then think again. For the millions of people that are already edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) or facing an immediate future of edentulism, removable dentures have been the answer to multiple missing and failing teeth. However, they are a far cry from the best tooth replacement solution available! The placement protocol behind All on Four implants enables skilled and qualified dentists to provide patients presenting with rampant tooth loss with a comprehensive and long term solution that comes with none of the challenges and repeated expenses associated with that archaic technology; removable dentures or false teeth.

About All on Four Implants

The ‘All on Four’ is essentially a dental implant placement protocol followed by qualified dentists or oral surgeons. The ingenious design behind All on Four implants however, completely revolutionized the fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and dental implantology. Not only can patients receive a full set of immediately functional and non-removable teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy pearly whites, but this breakthrough protocol enables them to do so through only a single surgery! Yes; new teeth in one day is what All on Four implants make possible for the millions of people that suffer the endless challenges associated with being edentulous or having to wear removable dentures. Let’s take a look at a few of these challenges and how All on Four implants can offer a sophisticated solution and a brand new lease on life.

All on Four Implants: Overcoming Traditional Tooth Replacement Challenges

All on Four
One of the first challenges denture-wearers complain of is the discomfort associated with having a foreign piece of plastic floating about in their mouths. No matter how well-fitted a denture is, the mind will always regard it as being foreign and this self-consciousness and awareness has a great impact upon one’s confidence in both the social and professional environment. All on Four implants offer a non-removable tooth replacement solution; one that doesn’t need to be taken out for cleaning or at nighttime and one that cannot shift around or fall out. Because the customized prosthetic dental bridge is permanently fitted in the mouth with dental implants, the mind registers the new teeth as being a part of the body. All on Four implants thus afford patients a far more comfortable alternative to removable dentures; one with which they can smile with the utmost confidence.

Another problem associated with dentures is that they do nothing to promote the health of the underlying jaw bone. Since All on Four implants function like natural teeth, they prevent the bone tissue from atrophying and wasting away. This not only preserves the patient’s youthful facial contours, but it also means that All on Four implants offer a long term solution that doesn’t require expensive refitting every few years or so. Ultimately, due to unimpeded bone loss, most denture-wearers will require dental implants anyway, so making that initial investment in All on Four implants is a very smart move.

A Final Note on All on Four Implants

With improved smile aesthetics, immediate functionality and oral comfort, All on Four implants truly offer a far more sophisticated tooth replacement solution when compared with removable dentures and bridges. Don’t miss out on a much improved quality of life!

This article explains how it’s possible for patients to go from not having a single original tooth left to having a full set of permanent, immediately functional and aesthetic teeth in as little as a single day.

You could be excused for thinking that the possibility of receiving a new set of permanent teeth in a single day is the stuff of science fiction. You can just imagine Tom Cruise (pre-couch-jumping incident on Oprah) clad in a space suit receiving a new flashy set of pearly whites from some complex robotic arm after a particularly rowdy brawl caused one or more of his teeth to go flying into the vacuum of space. But the technology has arrived and now, the possibility of new teeth in one day has gone from being the fantasy of the edentulous denture-wearer to the reality of tens of thousands. And this is all thanks to the placement protocol and products behind All on Four dental implants!

What Are All on Four Dental Implants?

All on Four dental implants offer edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients a permanent tooth replacement solution. By placing only four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaw, skilled and experienced dentists can affix a customized non-removable prosthetic dental bridge that looks, feels and functions like a full set of natural teeth. Unlike removable dentures, All on Four dental implants do not need to be taken out after meals and at nighttime for cleaning; they cannot shift around or fall out and they cause no damage or discomfort to the surrounding soft tissue. Most importantly, however, All on Four dental implants help to promote the health and vitality of the underlying jaw bone tissue, which would otherwise atrophy and waste away. This loss of bone volume in the jaw is responsible for that aged and sunken appearance we typically associate with the elderly and denture-wearers.

All on Four Dental Implants: Making New Teeth in a Day Possible

Ironically, it is the loss of bone volume that inhibits patients from receiving dental implants using traditional placement protocol. Frequently, bone grafting surgery is required in order to augment and encourage the growth of new and healthy bone tissue before dental implants can be considered a viable tooth replacement option. But with All on Four dental implants, the need for lengthy, painful and expensive bone grafting surgery can almost always be avoided! So, through the ingenious design behind this breakthrough placement protocol, skilled and experienced dentists are able to place the All on Four dental implants and the customized prosthetic dental bridge in a single surgery. This eliminates the months (frequently up to a year and a half) required for the jaw to heal before implants can be placed as well as the expenses and inconveniences associated with multiple consultations, surgeries and time off from work.

A Final Note on All on Four Dental Implants

Not only do All on Four dental implants offer an immediately functional, aesthetic and comfortable solution to multiple and total tooth loss, but they also facilitate a road to oral rehabilitation that takes a single surgery – not multiple, as is the case with traditional dental implant protocol - and a single day, rather than months and even years.

This article explains the link between tobacco-use and tooth loss (and the need for tooth replacement).
If life were a game of ‘connect-the-dots’, then it could be said with confidence that there is a straight line between being a smoker and the need for Houston dental implants. You’ve read the warning signs on your carton of cigarettes, but do you take them seriously? Being a smoker or a user of tobacco in one form or another is a bitter sweet thing. It’s a habit that is immensely enjoyed by those who subscribe to it, but at the same time, it’s a hurdle that needs to be overcome if one is to live a longer and healthier life. Countless medical research has revealed tobacco-use to lead to a whole host of terrifying illnesses and conditions; one of which is terminal; death. But if that didn’t scare you enough, how about the fact that tobacco-use causes gum disease and tooth loss? If you are a smoker and didn’t know about Houston dental implants, then perhaps it’s time you became acquainted! Unless, of course, you had plans to quit….

Houston Dental Implants: How Smoking Causes Tooth Loss

Tobacco-use causes numerous things to happen to your body. The most immediately noticeably ones are probably what keeps you lighting up; a sense of calm, a distraction from stress, a feeling of sociable ‘belonging’, etc. But take a look under the microscope and the picture can be quite frightening. Smoking thickens the blood, which retards the flow of this life-giving circulation to the gums and teeth. Smoking also tends to cause ‘dry mouth’; an impediment to saliva production. Now, your saliva contains enzymes that not only help to break down the food you eat, but it also acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Without a healthy flow of blood to the soft and hard tissues in your mouth and adequate saliva production (the body’s natural protection against bacteria) the health of your gums and teeth can become compromised and more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Without treatment, the infection can penetrate deep down into the gingival sulci, causing pockets of decay to accumulate between the tooth root and the gum walls. And this is where tooth loss and Houston dental implants become something you may imminently need to consider, unless you seek immediate treatment for your oral problems.

Houston Dental Implants: A Cautionary Note

Just to further complicate the life and oral health of a tobacco-user, smokers have a lesser chance of success with Houston dental implants than non-smokers. Due to the slowed flow of blood in the gums and jawbone, healing tends to take longer and in some severe cases of bacterial infection, it can become impossible altogether. While Houston dental implants offer a comprehensive and long term solution to missing teeth, smokers (and non-smokers alike) absolutely need to appreciate that nothing can rival having a complete set of natural healthy teeth. Understanding the linear connection between tobacco-use and the need for Houston dental implants may help you to kick the habit. If not, then perhaps this picture will…