Are Dental implants Houston Texas better than the Cosmetic Procedures? Why and How? Read along to know.

Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants in Houston, Texas are permanent solution to the problem of lost teeth. It is not a temporary solution but a long term one. People who have lost one, many or all teeth would find dental implants as the most coveted one among the dental surgeries. After going through teeth replacement, you would surely be able to eat all types of foods and beverages in a normal manner.

Dental implants in Houston, Texas will help you to become more confident and get your smile back. These implants are never required to be removed because they are self sustaining tooth roots, which are inserted firmly in jaw bones. These artificial tooth roots act as anchor for supporting replacement teeth. Replaced teeth through Dental implants in Houston, Texas don’t need any support from adjacent teeth and that’s why they help in keeping the adjacent teeth healthy. Thus, dental implants help in maintaining the structure of jawbones.

Dental implants done in Houston, Texas works and feels like natural teeth because they don’t require artificial gum lines or adhesives to hold on and are integrated with the bone firmly.

Drawbacks of Cosmetic Procedures
However, this spectacular procedure of dental implant was absent few years back. Thus, people had to rely on cosmetic procedures like Bridges and Dentures. But these procedures often caused problems for them.

Some of the problems caused from cosmetic procedures are:

1.    In case of cosmetic dental procedure like Bridge, it has been witnessed that the adjacent teeth gets affected negatively. The reason behind such an occurrence is that the bridges are supported by these adjacent teeth.
2.    Maintenance of bridges is not simple. These often require to be changed within 5 years.
3.    Dentures are the cheapest option of tooth loss. But this has also its negative points. The removable dentures can cause sore in the mouth.
4.    Removable dentures are required to be cleaned and kept in a good place every night. Thus, it can be a problem for many.
5.    If you have dentures in your mouth then you may not be able to eat all types of foods like nuts, fruits and many more.

Now, if you compare the above two segments then you can easily decipher that dental implants are far better and user-friendly than cosmetic procedures. Hence you can blindly trust the dental implants Houston Texas for restoring your original smile.
Many people have heard of dental implants however few have heard of the increasingly popular All-on-Four dental implants available at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center in Houston. This article provides a brief highlight of the benefits of All-on-Four dental implants versus traditional implants.

Traditional dental implants usually address the replacement of one tooth or a few teeth that are side-by-side. They also involve anywhere from 8 to 10 implants all inserted on one arch. With All-on-Four dental implants the procedure requires only 4 implants each on the lower and upper arches. The All-on-Four dental implants allow for increased support by using the natural strength of the bone which provides the need for fewer dental implants when angled at the appropriate position to secure this advantage point.

In addition, traditional dental implants frequently require bone grafting which is a process that can take six or more months to complete. For most patients undergoing the All-on-Four dental implants procedure, tedious bone grafting is not required.

All-on-Four dental implants are brushed, cleaned and maintained just like natural teeth. There is no need to remove them at night as you would with dentures. There are also no messy adhesives to deal with. The All-on-Four dental implants do not create pressure on your gums therefore eliminating needless discomfort associated with dentures or traditional dental implants. You will also not have to suffer from hot and cold sensitivity in the foods and drinks that you consume. Additionally, you will have the ability to bite with improved force allowing you to enjoy all types of foods. The use of All-on-Four dental implants also prevents bone deterioration by integrating with your existing jaw bone allowing for comfort and a more natural fit.

The All-on-Four dental implant procedure boasts a published success rate of 98.2% on the lower arch and a success rate of 97-98% when used on the upper arch. In summary, the All-on-Four dental implant alternative saves you time, money, discomfort, unnecessary surgery and inconveniences that are often associated with dentures or traditional dental implants.
You may call it Houston Dental Implants or NoDentures, it’s all the same. But now it is popularly known as the Houston Dental Implants Office, which is the standard of care for missing teeth.  Unfortunately Dental Implants in Houston come in many different styles and when they have been placed by a different Houston Dental Implant Surgeon determining the type of implant we are working with can be a challenge.

The Description Of The Houston Dental Implant Case

Tuesday I saw a lady with natural upper teeth and an implant bar supported over denture on the lower. Two Dental Implant doctors from Houston, a surgeon and a prosthodontist had placed the implants and made the first set of teeth about 20 years ago.  The bar had never been removed but the teeth had been remade 4 times.

Description Of The Implantation Done By Another Houston Dental Implant Surgeon

This nice lady came to me because the bar was moving. To make this more understandable imagine a mouth with no teeth on the lower. Then imagine that four roots [dental implants] are placed in that jaw. You almost can’t see them, they are just roots that come evenly to the top of the gums. In the top of each dental implant is a small threaded hole that a screw can be placed into.  The jaw is U shaped like a horse shoe and the dental implants are spaced out in it. An old method of using these dental implants to support teeth was to build a U shaped bar about 3/16 th of an inch wide and thick that could be screwed over the four implants.

This had the effect of tying all of the implants together for strength and providing a solid base for the new teeth to rest on so they could be kept off of the “gums”.  This is called a bar supported overdenture and prior to the All on 4, teeth in a day procedure, I used it frequently.  As the non-removable nature of the All on 4 procedure as well as the teeth in a day feature is so favored by patients given the option  I rarely provide  bar supported overdentures anymore. 

However, it is not unusual for me to work with them as many of my patients as well as those of other Houston Dental Implant dentist still have them.  The bar in this case was loose because two of the screws holding it onto the dental implants were broken and the remaining two were no longer tight. The bar was beautifully crafted and the implants were healthy so the trick was to find out what kind of implants they were. The Houston Dental Implant surgeon who placed them was retired as was the prosthodontist who made the original teeth.

How did we resolve the issue at our Houston dental implant office?

We searched our internet options for identification but came up empty. We e-mailed x-rays to Nobel Biocare and again came up empty. Finally with the help of a company who provided parts for dental implants that are no longer in production we were able to determine the type of dental implant we were dealing with and secure 8 new screws [four for now, four for the future] to reattach the bar. The existing teeth were still esthetically pleasing and functional so no further care was required. This is a prime example of the value of experience.

Without the resources to find these screws this patient would have required the removal of 4 implants, bone grafting, months of healing, the placement of new implants and the fabrication of a new set of teeth. As is she had four new screws placed and was good as new in about an hour including the time for her examination, consultation, and cat scan visit. Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most rewarding to me.

Probably she was satisfied with the service provided at the Houston Dental Implant office.

Last week the All on 4 case brought some interesting challenges. One of the primary benefits of the All on Four procedure is the ability to give most people dental implants and a new set of non-removable teeth all in the same day without preliminary bone development with grafting. Hence the All on 4 technique is becoming more and more popular as well as seamless.


Fortunately for those who do require grafting there are new techniques and materials that dramatically simplify the All on 4 procedure and improve predictability. Recently I discussed two new players, bone morphogenic protein and stem cells. Both can now be synthesized in the lab and I use both frequently for the All on 4 treatment with great success.


A Problem That Can Delay the All on 4 Procedure

In the last couple of weeks  I’ve seen  three grafting cases that were having varying levels of complications. All three were developing infections because the gum tissue had developed an ulcer over the grafted area.  An ulcer of this nature is referred to as a membrane exposure and it could lead to a catastrophic failure of the graft requiring it to be redone and delaying the All on 4 procedure by several months. 


About Osseous Grafting – Preliminary Preparation for All On 4

Here’s a little background on osseous grafting to help this make sense. You may consider it as one of the most delicate as well as crucial part of the All on 4 procedure. Hence it is important to share the vital preliminary preparation process of the All on 4 dental implant technique. Imagine that for simplicity we are working with bone covered with skin “gums.” We want to expand the volume of the bone. An incision is made in the gums and they are teased back exposing the bone. Pinhole bleeding points are made in the bone to supply nutrition and a layer of bone growing material is layered over the bone. 


These materials have a consistency a little like sand mixed with honey so something has to be placed to maintain the desired shape.  What is placed over the graft is called a membrane and the two most common are titanium mesh and titanium reinforced Teflon.  The mesh is like a window screen and the Teflon is like plastic with small wires in it. Both can be shaped as desired and placed over the graft. Their purpose is to maintain the proper space for the bone to grow in. These membranes are then secured with bone tacks or screws so they will not move while the bone growth occurs and the gums are sutured back into place over the membrane. This is the base foundation to proceed with the All on 4 dental implant process.


The trickiest part of this is keeping the gum tissue healthy over the membrane because in nature the gums and bone are in intimate contact and in this scenario the gums and bone are intentionally kept apart. This interrupts normal blood flow and consequently encourages ulceration of the tissue. Once ulceration occurs the membrane is exposed to germs in the mouth and infection becomes likely, which is not at all a favorable condition to carry-on with the All on 4 treatment process.


Proper surgical technique minimizes the risk of membrane exposure but even with the most experienced surgeons it happens almost half of the time within 4 months, often within 4 weeks, and sometimes almost immediately.  The key is to control or prevent the infection once exposure occurs so the membrane can remain as long as possible. Removal of the membrane stops the infection almost immediately but premature removal can doom the growth of bone.


The Three Current All On 4 Dental Implants Cases

Now with that background let’s return to the three recent cases. One was discovered at 2 months, one at 4 months and one at 5. Though all patients are counseled extensively about this possibility none of these patients brought this to my attention highlighting how difficult it is for the average patient to recognize the problem. All three were discovered at routine post operative exams or oral hygiene [cleaning] visits. All three patients already had infections and were placed on broad spectrum antibiotics and the ulcers were rinsed out with an antibiotic solution. Each stopped draining within a week and the 4 and 5 month membranes were removed a week later. Both sites had excellent bone regeneration (great base for the All on 4 procedure) though it was still a little immature.


I placed the implants for both patients but as the bone was still soft  I could not place them tightly enough to build teeth on them immediately. I will wait 6 months for absolute integration of the bone and implant and then these patients will have the set of non-removable teeth that they deserve and desire.


These are delayed loading All on 4 cases as opposed to our more common immediately loaded All on 4 dental implants.  The final result is exactly like an immediately loaded All on 4 case but the timing and sequence is different than the immediate load teeth in a day or smile by tonight All on 4 case.


The Expected Outcome of This Complex All On 4 Process

If I can maintain an infection free graft site around the 2 month graft with topical rinses and beneath the gums irrigation I will keep the membrane as long as possible, up to 6 months. If it requires repeated antibiotic therapy I will remove the membrane and hope that enough bone growth will have occurred to allow me to proceed with the delayed All on 4 procedure.  Regardless of the immediate outcome if this patient remains committed the final outcome is certain.


We treat hundreds of All on 4 patients each year and the procedure is so predictable that we have never failed to reach our desired result.  As the bone morphogenic protein and stem cell based graft materials grow bone more rapidly our outcomes when grafting is required should become even more predictable as premature membrane removal is now less of a factor.


If anything significant happens with the two month membrane I will report it in another blog. Though I hope it can be kept for 6 months it would be interesting to see what the bone looks like at 2 months.  I suspect immature but adequately developed to continue maturing without further protection from a membrane making the All on 4 treatment successful. If not now sooner or later we will find out and our window of opportunity for dental implant placement will be broadened, thus making the All on 4 procedure simpler. Working in a field where new discoveries are made every day is an awesome privilege.

This has been an interesting week bringing unique opportunities and challenges for my all on 4 dental implant cases.  Though I didn’t start any All on 4 cases this week but I saw many that were in their healing and restorative stages. My time was consumed with orthopedic dentistry [bone regeneration] of almost every type and routine dental implant placement at my dental implant clinic in Houston.

The All On 4 Dental Implant Case

Wednesday I was a guest on Great Day Houston hosted by Debra Duncan and I took a 23 yr old nurse with me. She required full mouth extractions because of rampant dental decay, 4 upper and 4 lower dental implants, and new set of upper and lower teeth; typical All on 4 dental implant. Debra Duncan has been a great friend of my practice and has been very helpful in getting the word out about All on 4 dental implant in Houston. Our intention was to make people aware that not everyone who needs All on 4 is 40 yrs old or more. Many of my patients who need All on 4 dental implant are younger and some are even in their early 20’s.


Based on the calls my office has received I believe our mission was accomplished.  In the field of dental implants surgery seems to get all of the “glory”. I don’t know why but even I tend to study and report on it more. But the surgery is really the easiest part of the procedure and of course has nothing to do with what the patient wants. People want beautiful teeth that look and function naturally and are dependable. Ideally they’ll never know a dental implant is even there. With single unit dental implants this isn’t very difficult but with full arch cases it certainly can be.


Complications With All On 4 Dental Implant

I find the most common complication by far, with the All on 4 dental implant system, to be breakage of the transitional and even the final appliances. With natural teeth when we close our mouths a proprioceptive signal lets us know how hard and in what position our mouths are closing. With full mouth dental implants most of this awareness is lost. Consequently we can bite very hard or in odd positions without knowing it and that can lead to broken appliances. I expect that for the rest of my career I will be exploring opportunities to mediate this.


Solutions for Complications With All On 4 dental Implants

If a patient is a severe grinder of their teeth at night or has shown signs of extreme clenching during their sleep it is probably best to restore at least one of the archs with a removable appliance that is tissue supported but implant retained such as a “locator” attached overdenture.  This would be a better choice than a bar supported overdenture because proprioception  is improved and when the appliance is removed at night there is nothing to grind or clinch against the opposing appliance. But what do you do to compensate for when then patients parafunctional habits are miscalculated and opposing fixed appliances are fabricated or a fixed appliance is made to function against an arch of natural teeth? 


Many things help but none of them are good enough. Occlusion needs to be designed with ½ mm of overbite in the anterior with traditional anterior guidance in protrusive.  Flat plane teeth with balanced lateral movements rather than cuspid rise is preferable.  All of that sounds great but for many reasons it is rarely achievable in full so almost every case has at least a few compromises. When constructed against natural teeth many compromises are the rule. All patients with fixed dentistry should wear a night guard. Simple soft guards are fine if the patients TMJ will tolerate them but NTI’s work very well also. This would solve most of the problems if only patients would wear them consistently. Though intuitively I would expect a high quality acrylic tooth to be superior to a porcelain tooth experience has not shown a difference in breakage.


However, since the porcelain teeth wear longer I normally prefer them. Of course all final All on 4  dental implant appliances have milled titanium frameworks and this prevents breakage of the appliance. Though if the framework is not extended adequately beyond the most posterior abutement that portion of the appliance may break off. Unfortunetly, even when everything seems perfect teeth will still sometimes debond or break. Meticulous lab work and occlusal equilibration helps but to date our greatest opportunity to improve this service for our patients remains in developing more satisfactory appliances. For now the traditional All on 4 dental implant with a fixed hybrid prosthesis is the most extraordinary service dentistry has ever been able to provide for those who have lost all of their teeth or who are going to lose all of their teeth.

Dental Implants in Houston, Texas has become very easy with the advancement of technology. All On 4 Implant is considered as one of the best procedures of getting back shiny teeth. Are you missing one or more teeth? Have you lost your teeth due to extreme periodontal disease or decay?  If yes, then Dental Implants in Houston Texas can get your permanent teeth back.


Now, the question comes, what are dental Implants?

It is a self sustaining but artificial tooth root, which is inserted in the jaw-bone. This artificial tooth root supports replacement teeth by acting as an anchor.


You might be apprehensive about the success of these dental implants. However, statistics show that its success rate is more than 95%. The most alluring part of Dental Implants is that it can last a lifetime, provided dental hygiene is maintained properly and scheduled dental visits are done regularly. Dental Implants done in Houston, Texas, helps in keeping adjacent teeth healthy and also maintaining the jawbone structure.


The most important aspect of dental implants is that it works and feels just like natural teeth. These implants don’t require any kind of support from other teeth of the mouth and can’t be removed because they are integrated with the bones firmly.


The most emphatic aspect of All On 4 Implant is that it can help you to get back full set of permanent teeth for both the arches, upper as well as lower.


Now, you may be wondering about All On 4 Implant procedure


This procedure of dental implant helps you to get back permanent teeth, which doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning or other purposes (as in the case of dentures). All on four implant procedure uses 4 dental implants for attaching the new set of replacement teeth, which are permanent in nature.  


How much time can implant procedure take?


You can get back your permanent teeth in a single day itself. In fact, you can get back home in the same day of replacing your teeth. How is it possible? The answer lies in the 2 points mentioned below:

i)                    Cross stabilization, which is provided by the implant itself

ii)                   Firm structure of replacement teeth


Benefits of this technique are mentioned below:


  1. The recovery time required after replacement of teeth is minimal.
  2. If a cost comparison is done between a single implant and this technique then the overall cost of the later is much less than the former.
  3. In most of the cases, the requirement of bone grafting is eliminated.
  4. Maintenance of these teeth is much easy.
  5. The person, who goes for this type of implant, gets back the ability of eating all kinds of foods.

Can anyone go for Dental Implants Houston, Texas?


Almost everyone can opt this implant process. The candidate can implant one or more teeth. However, there are two things that must be kept in mind while going for these types of implants:

  1. Heavy smoking must always be avoided
  2. Uncontrolled diabetes

Is every dentist qualified to perform dental implants in Houston, Texas?

No, every dentist is not qualified enough to perform these implants. Only those doctors who have special training and also have adequate experience in implant dentistry are capable of performing dental implant. Hence, it will always be prudent for you to check the credentials of the concerned doctor before opting for one.

This article will give you a clear idea on the positive difference between All-on Four dental implants versus traditional denture options in the Houston area. The advantages of All-on-Four dental implants are also stated categorically in this article. Please read on to learn more.


Recently, dental surgeons are receiving a large number of inquires about the fresh alternative to dentures which is a procedure known as All-on-Four dental implants. Word is spreading and dental surgeons in the Houston area are investigating the buzz. What they’re discovering is that a majority of patients do not have a clear understanding of the actual methods involved with the All-on-Four dental implant method and how it differs from traditional dentures. In general, patient focus remains on the cosmetic results. While the natural look of All-on-Four dental implants is an extremely important advantage of getting away from the more artificial look of dentures, the clarification ofadditional advantages of All-on-Fours dental implants helps patients confidently adopt the procedure.


All-on-Four dental implants are made of titanium and the crown part resembles an incredibly natural looking tooth. This is the ideal procedure for people who have lost, or are about to lose all of their real teeth due to reasons such as tooth decay or acute periodontal disease. Integrating the All-on-Four dental implants within your existing jawbone provides a secure and long-term solution for tooth loss. There are no adhesives required and a patient does not need to worry about the pitfalls that are commonly associated with dentures. For example, the common disadvantages related to dentures include having to remove them for routine cleaning, fussing with adhesives, avoiding certain foods, slippage, poor breath, and the possibility of losing your dentures all together!

With All-on-Four dental implants the advantages are unrivaled. The same-day procedure allows the patient to undergo gentle oral sedation, receive their new set of teeth and leave the office with a brand new smile. They also leave with the confidence that their new dental implants will remain in place as a permanent solution. All-on-Four dental implants have a 97.7% average overall success rate and require minimal recovery time. In the rare instance that an implant fails to integrate within a patients jawbone the simple solution usually involves a slight movement of the All-on-Four dental implant in order to remedy it. The majority of All-on-Four patients enjoy a renewed and youthful appearance, one that has the capability of lasting a lifetime.

All-on-Four dental implants improve the quality of life for people and this is a key aspect. Immediate benefits to the procedure include only minimal soreness, a natural looking smile, the ability to eat a light meal the very same evening, the benefit of enjoying many types of foods with peace of mind, and overall ease of oral maintenance. The All-on-Four dental implants typically require only two post op visits, and one visit each at four months and six months respectively for impressions and for placing the permanent set of teeth.

The Brueggen Dental Implant Center offers a simple, effective and quality method for replacing missing teeth by offering the premiere All-on-Four dental implant method. This solid alternative to dentures has become a must-have in the Houston area.