This article describes how the ‘All-on-Four’ is capable of overcoming problems that face traditional dental implant techniques.

All on Four Dental Implants in Houston: An Overview

Gone are the days when those that have already lost, or are about to lose all of their original teeth have to accept a future of removable dentures or false teeth. All on Four dental implants in Houston provide a long term, non-removable and far more sophisticated solution to multiple missing teeth. The product of years of clinical research and trials by Portuguese implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo, All on Four dental implants in Houston have gone on to change the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world (www.nodentures.com).

Tooth loss is a pervasive problem that affects millions of people in the United States. And with 85% of all Americans presenting with some form or stage of periodontal disease – an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth – it’s not hard to understand why these statistics are so high. Thankfully, All on Four dental implants in Houston achieve solutions that no other teeth replacement technique prior to its conception can. As a result of this fantastic technology, even the patients that present with advanced bone loss in the jaw as a result of periodontal disease can receive a full set of new, non-removable, immediately functional and aesthetic teeth. The best part is; this is frequently achievable in as little as a single day.

All on Four Dental Implants in Houston: Overcoming Traditional Challenges

While All on Four dental implants in Houston may cause skepticism with the possibility of new teeth in a day, it has proved to be extremely successful time and again with patients of all ages and presenting with all stages of tooth loss. The ‘All-on-Four’ technique itself was innovated with the primary goal of being able to allow patients with a lack of bone tissue in the jaw to receive a permanent teeth replacement solution using dental implants. Since periodontal disease causes tooth loss and tooth loss causes bone atrophy in the jaw, patients that have allowed their oral health to deteriorate frequently face this most perplexing problem: Those that most need dental implants to replace missing teeth are unable to because their jaw bone has become too atrophied. This is a paradox that faced medical professionals practicing in the field of dental implantology until the innovation of All on Four dental implants in Houston.

The unique placement and angulation of only four dental implants in regions of the mouth that naturally contain a greater volume of more atrophy resistant bone tissue enables the implant surgeon to completely rehabilitate the oral health of patients presenting with advanced periodontal disease. Even people that have been told that they are not candidates for traditional dental implant techniques can receive new and beautiful teeth in a day with All on Four dental implants in Houston. This represents the overcoming of a massive hurdle in the fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and dental implantology: so much so that the technique behind All on Four dental implants in Houston has earned itself ‘breakthrough’ status in modern dental science.

All on Four Dental Implants in Houston: A Final Note

If you suffer from tooth loss and edentulism, then All on Four dental implants in Houston could really be the long term, non-removable, functional and aesthetic solution you have been looking for. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist questions about this innovative teeth replacement technique (www.nodentures.com).


5/22/2012 20:14:13

I am looking to get my implants having serious dental problem from last few days and wondering where to get my implants done.

11/18/2015 02:07:49

Multiple dental implant treatment is an ideal option if you are in the beginning stages of failing teeth. Even with good oral care, many adult patients face the loss of multiple teeth as they age.

This causes in many cases problems in eating and chewing, lower self esteem and not to mention, holding back on the smiles and laughter that makes one express their emotions!


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