This two-part article series describes the 10 bad lifestyle habits that can lead to tooth loss and the need for dental implants.
In our previous article post, courtesy of qualified and experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, we investigated the first five of ten steps people can take to needing Houston dental implants. Now, tooth loss is hardly something someone would aspire to, yet in spite of the sophisticated state of modern medical technology and our higher standards of dental hygiene, there are still millions of people in the United States that have lost more than half, if not all of their original adult teeth to tooth decay and gum disease. Clearly, not everyone is getting the message about the importance of oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits. So, without further ado, here are the remaining five steps you can take in order to require Houston dental implant for single and multiple missing teeth.

Step 6 to Needing Houston Dental Implants: Chew and Smoke Tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the most destructive habits you can develop. It is also one of the most avoidable. Don’t put your oral and general health on the fast track to its demise when you have what it takes to say ‘no’ or quit today. If you want to avoid nasty tooth discoloration, the whole suite of oral cancers, gum disease, tooth loss and the eventual need for Houston dental implants, then kick the habit. It’s never too late.

Step 7 to Needing Houston Dental Implants: Drink Alcohol Excessively

Most of us enjoy the occasional beer, glass of red wine or gin and tonic. Perhaps a cocktail on the beach? How about three? Care for a tequila? Another? The effects of alcohol on the body are most enjoyed the morning after a serious night out. No one likes a party pooper, so we’re not saying that you need to abstain completely. One night out every now and then can be a good stress reliever (although you will be sure to pay for it the following day). But excessive alcohol consumption on a regular basis is a death sentence for your teeth. Acid corrosion and the suite of bad habits that come hand in hand with this kind of lifestyle, such as smoking and poor oral hygiene, are a fantastic way to end up needing Houston dental implants before you’re 40.

Step 8 to Needing Houston Dental Implants: Eat an Unbalanced Diet

Your teeth require proper nutrition just like the rest of your body. But they are also on the front line in terms of how foods that are high in fats, acid and sugar affect your health. Make sure you get plenty of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, wholegrain breads and proteins and steer clear of artificially sugary and salty foods. Minerals such as calcium and fluoride are great for your teeth, so drink mineral and/or tap water rather than purified water. The former are rich in the electrolytes, trace metals and minerals your body needs.


Step 9 to Needing Houston Dental Implants: Abuse Drugs

Drug abuse… need we say anymore? Tooth loss, gum disease and the need for Houston dental implants are a direct result of this incredibly unhealthy habit. Stop today or seek the counseling and treatment you need to get your life back.

Step 10 to Needing Houston Dental Implants: Ignore Oral Problems and Complaints

Last, but certainly not least, ignoring oral complaints is a fantastic way to end up with serious problems that can lead to tooth loss. What might appear to be mild gum inflammation can end up being periodontal (gum) disease if left untreated. What might be a tolerable ache in your tooth can be the symptom of bacterial infection in the pulp chamber, which, if not treated, can necessitate extraction and replacement by a Houston dental implant. Don’t ignore oral sores, bleeding, pain, anomalous lumps or inflammation! Call your dentist right away.

A Final Note on Houston Dental Implants

Avoiding the need for Houston dental implants and keeping a full set of healthy and beautiful teeth is your choice. Even if genetics has dictated that you are more susceptible to gum disease than, say, the person sitting next to you, there are always things you can do and habits you can avoid in order to maintain a high standard of oral health and hygiene. See Dr. Wayne Brueggen today to have your oral health assessed.

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