In conventional dental implant procedures if the jaw bone is not substantial enough to hold the implant, the patient may need bone grafting. But this is not the case with the Houston Teeth in an hour procedure.

If you seek an effective answer to the problem of missing teeth and are reluctant to go for removable dentures, treatment for new teeth in an hour Houston is the right solution. The procedure involves the use of a high tech 3D scan of the jaw and unique planning software for precise placing of dental implants. You can walk with confidence with a beautiful smile on your face and get back the ability to chew and speak without any inhibitions.

Curious to know more about the teeth in an hour procedure? Here’s how it goes about:

Initial consultation with dentist and imaging visit

This involves an initial scan and helps the dentist to check the positioning of your teeth and the form of your jaw. The dentist needs to check if your jawbone had adequate density to grip an implant. A high tech 3D scan is performed to get digital information for the jaw bone.

Work in laboratory

The digital information received through the scan is processed by a special planning program to generate a 3-D virtual model of your jaw and a detachable bridge.

In conventional dental implants procedures if the jaw bone is not strong enough to hold the implant, the patient may need bone grafting. But this is not the case with the Houston Teeth in a day procedure. There is no bone grafting required as the implants are placed at a particular angle and it allows for more support from the bone.

Final visit for treatment

Once your bridge is prepared, you come back to the clinic for about an hour long non-invasive surgery to get your new set of teeth fixed. The dentist uses only local anesthesia to numb the tissues before proceeding with the treatment. The dental implant bridge is permanent and not detachable and this becomes your new set of pearly white and functional teeth.

Post treatment care

Strenuous activities must be avoided at least for 24 hours after the dental implant treatment. You may feel some swelling in the area and using ice packs will help. You must not rinse your mouth vigorously and should not poke the area with your finger or any other object. Your dentist might also prescribe some painkillers and antibiotics - ensure that you take them as per the doctor’s advice even if you do not feel much ‘pain’. Tea, coffee, aerated beverages, alcohol and spicy meals should be avoided for at least 48 hours after the dental implants treatment.

When lying down, it is good to elevate the head with an extra pillow at least for the first 2 nights following the treatment. This helps to reduce swelling.

Teeth in an Hour Houston

Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth, while also helping to prevent further jaw bone loss. With regular brushing and flossing, you can take good care of your teeth and maintain a million dollar smile for years to come. Your dental implants also work like natural teeth and give you the ability to chew all kinds of foods.

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