For a successful implant surgery, make sure you select a good dental implant center with all the modern amenities along with professional and experienced doctors and staff.

If you are uncomfortable wearing dentures but tired of your missing teeth, you can go for an option that might be right for you - dental implants. Dental implants can be the best solution for replacing missing or failing teeth. You will experience comfort along with stability.

Reasons for tooth loss

There can be a wide range of reasons for loosing a tooth. Understanding those causes can help you be aware of your mouth’s state of health and prevent problems that contribute to tooth loss. A few of them could be:

• Trauma or some injury
• Missing teeth and history of gum disease
• Finances: It is assumed that dental treatments are too expensive. You can consult your dental implant surgeon Houston regarding the all on 4 dental implants to avoid any presumptions.
• Severe decay: If you delay the treatment thus allowing decay to progress
• Cracked tooth from biting stress (Bruxism)
• A failed root canal treatment
• Poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition and unhealthy or poor habits
• Fear factor: Most of you are afraid of the dentist and never consult one in the event of dental problems. This can further aggravate the condition over time and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Consequences of tooth loss

• Tooth loss results in the decreased density of the jaw bone.
• Decrease in facial height and loss of facial expression muscles and negative facial esthetic skin changes.
• Increased length of upper lip.
• Reduced chewing ability further leading to declined nutritional uptake.
• Shifting of remaining teeth and change in bite.
• Remaining teeth become prone to decay and gum problems.

Features of a good dental implant center

For a successful implant surgery, make sure you select a good dental implant center with the following features:

All on 4 Dental Implants

Advanced Dental and Facial Services: The dental implant center must be able to provide all modern facilities to conduct various types of facio-maxillary and dental treatment procedures from regular dental treatments to complex dental and facial surgeries.

A well-equipped dental laboratory: It should also have an attached dental laboratory for facilitating easy delivery of dental prostheses / appliances, including advanced ceramic dental methods.

Treatment planning: The center must employ digital photography for intra & extra-oral images. This ensures efficient treatment planning and implementation in order to attain excellent results.

The team: Must have a good team of experienced doctors, including those that specialize in Cosmetic Surgery and Anesthesiology apart from all specialties in Dentistry; and responsible as well as proficient office staff.

Record maintenance: The method of maintaining the records should be fully-computerized with a diligent record maintenance protocol.

Clinic staff: Must employ well-trained and friendly clinic staff to carry out the dental treatments.

Efficient measures for infection control: It must follow the set guidelines for safety and take necessary precautions with all procedures. The center must be operational with all modern equipment necessary to achieve sufficient infection control.

Treatment costs: The dental implants cost and cosmetic dental surgery cost charged by the center must be reasonable without compromising on the quality of the services and treatment.

Payment options: The center must provide options for payment so that it doesn’t burden you more.
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