This article provides a brief overview of the difference between dental implants and dentures as replacement solutions for missing teeth.

Dentures have been in use since around 700 BC. Originally, removable prosthetic teeth were made from human teeth, animal teeth or wood; more recently from porcelain or acrylic. For many years they were the only option available to those with missing teeth but they come with several drawbacks. Houston dental implants are readily available in Houston and are a relatively new method of replacing teeth that offers many benefits over dentures. Implant dentistry can provide Houston dental patients with long-term solutions to the many functional and aesthetic problems caused by having missing teeth.

The Drawbacks of Dentures

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Removable dentures are prosthetic teeth that rest on the gum and which are designed to have the outward appearance and function of natural teeth. The fact that dentures have been in use for much of human history indicates that they serve a purpose, but they have certain shortcomings as well. Tooth loss causes atrophy of the bone under the gums. As the bone loses density and shrinks, it can cause dentures to fit poorly and uncomfortably over time.

Dentures that do not fit can cause the wearer problems when attempting to chew food and may also impede speech. The result of the bone deterioration is that dentures will have to be refitted at regular intervals.  Aside from poor fitting, other issues with dentures include the fact that they need to be removed and cleaned regularly with denture cleaner, they can trigger the gag reflex and cause the development of painful sores in the mouth. Some shocking studies reveal that denture-wearing can shorten one’s life expectancy by 10 years as a result of malnutrition.

How Dental Implants Work

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Dental implants consist of three parts: a post, an abutment and a crown. These parts work together to provide an approximation of natural teeth that is structurally closer to the real thing than any other type of tooth replacement. The post is made of titanium, an exceptionally strong and non-corrosive metal that is totally bio-compatible and readily accepted by the human body. This post serves as the foundation or anchor for the rest of the implant. Once the post is in place, the dentist will attach the abutment to it. The abutment may itself be made of titanium or of ceramic. The purpose of the abutment is to support the crown, which is the only part of the replacement tooth that is visible above the gum line. The crown is expertly fabricated in an on-site laboratory to be virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth and is usually made of strong and durable dental ceramic.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There is no danger of implants slipping as they are connected to the titanium post. Furthermore, they are designed to look and function like the patient's natural teeth and there is also no atrophy of the jawbone. One's ability to speak and eat is fully restored. The only maintenance needed for dental implants is regular cleaning, as is the case with natural teeth. Sometimes, crown restorations are necessary, but these are rare; it is possible for wearers to get decades of use from their implants without any problems.

For Houston residents with missing teeth, modern dentistry has provided the closest approximation to real teeth thus far in human history. The services of a dentist who specializes in implant dentistry in Houston provide a comprehensive solution to the problems that come with poorly fitted dentures.


This article compares dental implants and bridges and the benefits they offer people who have lost one or more of their original adult teeth.

If you have lost one or more of your original adult teeth, replacing them with either dental implants or a bridge can offer you many short and long-term benefits. These dental devices prevent your neighboring teeth from becoming loose and shifting; they also minimize the risk of bacterial infection from attacking the exposed tooth socket. Replacing missing teeth with a dental implant or bridge also fundamentally helps patients to eat and speak properly and with good confidence. However, before you opt for either Houston dental implants or a dental bridge, it is best to understand the difference between these two technologies. This will you help you to make the right choice.

What are Dental Implants?

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A dental implant in Houston is a titanium screw that functions like a root for an artificial replacement tooth. This screw in placed in the mouth at the site/s of them missing tooth or teeth. Over the ensuing weeks, it fuses with the surrounding bone in a process termed ‘osseointegration’, essentially becoming a permanent part of your body. While this biological fusion is taking place, the implant dentist will places a temporary crown over the implant so that you don’t walk around with a noticeable gap in your smile. Complete healing typically takes anywhere from six weeks to nine months and is dependent on the location of the implant, the number of teeth replaced and individual's general and oral health. Once the healing is complete, the dentist will replace the temporary tooth crown with a permanent one.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth that are kept in place by way of a bridge that is fixed to two healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth. These natural healthy teeth are ground down to nubs in order to provide fixed support for the bridge. Alternatively, a bridge can be fixed to the adjacent healthy teeth using metal bands and resin cement. There is also the ‘cantilevered bridge’ that makes use of just a single tooth to stay in place.

Comparing Houston Dental Implants and Bridges

Both dental implants and dental bridges provide a great aesthetic solution to missing teeth.  They’re also both fixed quite sturdily in place, so they cannot shift around or fall out. There are, however, some significant differences between these technologies that have rendered implants the preferred teeth replacement method of dental healthcare professionals.


Dental implants offer the most sophisticated tooth replacement solution to people who want a beautiful, healthy and confident smile back.

Your smile... do you take it for granted? Maybe it’s been a while since you last smiled with the full caliber of emotion you feel, because you believe that your teeth are not in very good condition. Perhaps you have suffered tooth loss or are facing the need to have decayed and or broken down teeth extracted. Unfortunately, few people appreciate the true value of a beautiful smile. It just goes to show that you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it! So, what does your smile mean to you and your fellow human beings?

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The Value of Smiling: Did You Know?

• Certain physiological reactions take place when you smile, releasing endorphins into your body. These “happy” chemicals help to relieve stress and instantly boost your mood.

• Scientific research indicates that the activation of certain muscles used for smiling trigger neurotransmitters in the brain. These then release certain chemicals in the brain, which regulate breathing, blood pressure and block stress hormones. In other words, smiling is excellent for good health!

• Smiling is an intrinsic, instinctual part of our body language as human beings. Just think about it... even the most isolated people on Earth smile, even though their culture is so completely different and they are completely divorced from the rest of the world. Universally, a smile conveys intentions of good-will, acceptance and satisfaction.

• We have the ability to smile since birth, proving that it is an ingrained mechanism for expression in humans. Babies begin smiling in the womb, literally as practice in winning over the acceptance and protection of adults when they are born. Babies naturally interpret smiles as encouragement of good behavior and learning.

• People who smile often are statistically more likely to land a job or promotion. This is probably because people who smile more are just more likable!

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Your smile is important. So, even if you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, you should take the necessary steps to have it restored. Houston dental implants, without a doubt, offer the most sophisticated and long lasting solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Houston: Benefits and Advantages

• A dental implant consists of a titanium replacement ‘root’ for an original tooth that may have been lost due to infection, decay or physical trauma sustained during an accident. This replacement ‘root’ stimulates the jaw bone tissue the way the natural tooth root would have done. This promotes excellent jaw bone health and prevents further tooth loss, unlike other tooth replacement technologies, which only replace the crowns of the missing teeth.

• Houston dental implants provide support for a durable and natural-looking ceramic tooth crown. This crown can withstand a natural bite force, without exerting pressure on the surrounding teeth or soft tissues, unlike dental bridges and removable dentures. Furthermore, unlike natural dental enamel, ceramic crowns won’t become stained or discolored.

• Dental implant procedures in Houston are typically quite brief. A damaged or decayed tooth can be extracted and replaced within a single appointment!

Dental implants in Houston have a higher success rate than any other conventional method of dental restoration and they last decades longer.

• If properly cared for, dental implants can last 20 or 30 years and even longer without the need for restoration or replacement. No other teeth replacement technology can compete.

• Dental implants restore smile beauty and self confidence.

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Houston Dental Implants: A Final Note

Dental implants are - functionally and aesthetically - the closest thing to having natural teeth one can get. One of their most important benefits is that they enable people to smile with all the confidence they thought they had forever lost. Now you can enjoy the successes that a confident and natural-looking smile brings.


This two-part article series provides professional tips as well as at-home advice for keeping your teeth and gums - and smile - in great condition.

Welcome back to this two-part article on the Seven Secrets for a Healthier Smile! In the first installment, the Houston dental implants experts we consulted with discussed the importance of flossing as well as going for regular, scheduled appointments with your family dentist and oral hygienist. It was explained that if your fear of the dentist is keeping you from seeking professional healthcare, then it might be time to find someone a little more gentle and compassionate. Last, but not least, readers were cautioned that no amount of pre-appointment brushing and flossing will be able to mask the damage done by your bad habits! Dentists can tell from the appearance of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues just what you’ve been up to!

Now, let’s check out the remaining three secrets for a healthier smile.

5. If you wait until a problem causes you pain, it’s probably too late to fix!

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t have an oral problem unless it hurts. Oral bacterial infections by their very nature don’t tend to cause pain other than some mild localized sensitivity. A cavity also won’t hurt until it actually exposes the delicate insides of your tooth, at which stage infection and decay could require you to have a dental implant placed by a Houston specialist! In addition, oral cancer (which could present as a strange lump, white patch or other abnormality) can be totally pain free. Regular appointments with the dentist are the only thing that can help in the early detection and treatment of potentially severe, or even fatal oral maladies.

6. Seeing the dentist about an oral problem could actually save your life!

Few people truly realize just how closely linked their oral health is with their general health. According to Houston dental implants specialists, gum disease can be a sign of serious diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease! Bacteria that are commonly found in the mouth are also present in the plaque that lines the heart’s arteries. By having oral ailments diagnosed and treated promptly, you not only help to prevent the development of other health problems, but you could actually have potentially fatal conditions diagnosed and treated too. Good oral health is imperative for good general health, so take both very seriously!

7. Understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic dentistry

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Wish you had George Clooney’s teeth or Keira Knightley’s pearly whites? Here’s something to bear in mind when asking your dentist about veneers, crowns or dental implants in Houston: there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Everyone’s teeth are different and will respond to cosmetic treatments, such as whitening or bleaching, differently. Don’t undergo extensive work because you think it will make you look more like your favorite celebrity. Those big teeth may suit Julia Roberts, but they might not suit you!

Aim to keep your teeth clean and healthy and, should you wish to have a cosmetic procedure done, don’t expect to walk out looking like George Clooney or Keira Knightley. Rather, expect to look like you, just with a much more beautiful and radiant smile!


This two-part article series provides professional tips as well as at-home advice for keeping your teeth and gums - and smile - in great condition.

We all want the benefits of a fabulous and sexy smile. What’s great about oral healthcare is that a healthy smile IS a beautiful smile; so really, by looking after your teeth and gums you’re killing two birds with one stone! In this two-part article, dental implants experts in Houston will be discussing seven professional and at-home secrets for a sexier and healthier smile!

1. See your dentist more often!

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When last did you pay a visit to your dentist and oral hygienist for a check-up and a professional cleaning? Too many people allow years to lapse in between visits to the dentist. You may not think you have a problem that requires professional attention, but when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. You do not want to face the prospect of an appointment with the Houston dental implant specialist before you start taking your oral health seriously.

Additionally, many oral ailments do not present with obvious symptoms until it is too late. You can avoid the discomfort and expense of the dental surgery generally needed to fix problems that are wholly preventable in the first place by going for regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist.

2. If your fear of the dentist keeps you from going for regular appointments, you’re just not seeing the right one.

If your current dentist doesn’t make you feel comfortable enough to keep regular scheduled appointments, it’s not necessarily your fault! Many people put their fear of the dentist down to some deep-rooted psychological aversion or fear. While this may be the case for a select few truly phobic patients, in most cases, fear and anxiety can be totally abolished by a gentle and compassionate dentist. If your dentist’s bedside manner doesn’t put you at ease enough to keep regular appointments, perhaps it’s time to find yourself another dental healthcare professional!

3. Nothing replaces the value of regular flossing.

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Flossing is an absolutely essential component of your oral healthcare regime. Not flossing is like getting into the shower and only washing the top half of your body. You’re leaving the lower half dirty! Brushing alone is not effective enough to remove all the plaque (bacteria) and food debris from between your teeth, which is why it’s important that you floss every day, especially before you go to bed at night.

“If patients could see what remains on and between their teeth even after they’ve brushed, they’d be truly shocked,” says an expert in the placement of dental implants in Houston. “Try it: have a good and thorough brush and then floss. You will be amazed at all the food and plaque that you excavate from between your teeth. You’ll become a flosser for life!”

4. Your mouth doesn’t lie!

The appearance of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues in your mouth tells the dentist everything he or she needs to know about your lifestyle. Reconsider lying the next time they ask you whether or not you floss, smoke or drink a lot of coffee! Your mouth doesn’t lie, so better you get to work improving your habits before your next appointment with the dentist.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

To read more advice from Houston dental implants experts on how to keep your teeth in excellent condition for life, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series.


This two part article series presents compelling reasons why patients should consider dental implants as their tooth replacement solution instead of traditional removable dentures.

If you were aware of the effects of removable dentures or false teeth on the health of your remaining teeth and underlying jaw bone, chances are you’d shell out the extra cash for a better and more sophisticated tooth replacement technology - Teeth in a day. In our previous article post, we discussed the serious effects of wearing removable dentures on jaw bone health, as well as the general short-comings of this archaic hardware. In this article, the second half of the series, we shall move on to talk about the cost differences and functional discrepancies between All-on-4 dental implants…

Houston dental implants

… and removable dentures.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Houston versus Denture Costs

There are tens of millions of Americans currently living with dentures because they have lost most, if not all of their teeth to periodontal (gum) disease. These people frequently complain about how uncomfortable and even painful dentures can be. But what’s more interesting to note is that they complain about how much it costs to maintain a set of dentures and to keep up with the daily expenses!

Teeth in a day

Most patients opt for removable dentures because they believe they cannot afford dental implants. While your initial price tag may be greater for dental implants than it is for dentures, the former typically provides a one-time solution to rampant tooth loss… one that can last several decades without the need for restoration or replacement. Denture-wearers on the other hand frequently find themselves shelling out dollar bill after dollar bill to have their dentures refitted and for daily expenses, such as overnight soaking solutions, cleaning pastes, anesthetic gels and adhesives.

These costs add up in the long run. And to add insult to injury, most denture-wearers end up requiring dental implants anyway because their jaw bones have atrophied to such an extent that only bone grafting and implant surgery are considered viable treatment options. The message here is, if you thought you were saving yourself money by opting for dentures rather than Houston dental implants, you’re wrong!

Save yourself the expense AND the daily hassles of dentures by choosing the best and most sophisticated tooth replacement technology from the outset.

Your Ability to Manage and Enjoy Your Food

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Last, but certainly not least of all the reasons patients should opt for dental implants instead of traditional removable dentures: mealtimes. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and this only becomes truer with age. By the time you’re finally prepared to let go of your figure and just eat all the delicious foods you love and have waited your whole life to indulge in, you are quite literally not able to.

Dentures are built to enable patients to eat properly, but the menu is substantially limited! Because dentures rest on the gums and are not supported directly by the jaw bone (as is the case with natural teeth and dental implants), they cause quite a bit of pain and inflammation of this delicate soft tissue. This can make eating very uncomfortable. In fact, of all the patients who wear dentures, 50% say they eat better without their false teeth!

Dentures also:

• Reduce bite strength by 75%. After 15 years of denture-wearing, bite force can be reduced by a shocking 97%, leaving patients with very few foods they can actually manage.

• Trigger the gag reflex because of their bulkiness.

• Impede a patient’s ability to taste their food and sense temperature and texture variations properly.

• Decrease nutritional intake.

Teeth in a day

A Final Note on Houston Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants promote a much greater quality of life, better oral health and higher levels of self-esteem. You cannot put a price tag on either of these things.

This article explores tooth replacement treatment options for edentulous patients with a focus on the unparalleled benefits of the All-on-4 protocol.

Widely believed to be the most efficient tooth replacement method available today, the All-on-4 in Houston offers an outstanding solution for edentulous patients or those who can’t save their remaining teeth using just four dental implants. This is as opposed to traditional dental implant techniques that require six, eight and even more implants to be placed… per dental arch! The four Houston dental implants are used to support a fully customized upper or lower prosthetic arch. Stability is achieved through the precise placement and angulation of the All-on-4 in Houston implants in the mouth. As a result, patients are able to enjoy replacement teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth and that are immediately functional. But, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that you get to leave the dental surgery with a full arch of replacement teeth in just one day! This unprecedented treatment time allows you to show off your new dazzling smile quicker than you can say ‘Houston dental implants’.    

All-on-4 in Houston: Knowing Your Options

There really is no need to persevere with fake-looking teeth in the form of removable dentures or false teeth when you can have a new set of permanent teeth in just one day. Using the four implants to secure a fixed bridge with a full set of teeth, the All-on-4 in Houston can almost always be completed without the need for bone grafting surgery beforehand. This eliminates all the pain, expenses and lengthy recovery period associated with this invasive surgery.

So, if you suffer from rampant tooth loss or have already lost all of your original adult teeth and urgently require a tooth replacement solution, here are your options:
  • Removable dentures: This archaic tooth replacement technology is the least aesthetic option for the edentulous and near-edentulous. They offer just 10 to 20 percent chewing function when compared to natural teeth.
  • Traditional Houston dental implants techniques can be used to replace multiple teeth with the help of a dental bridge. However, this method is not only far more expensive than the All-on-4 in Houston, but it has a lesser success rate in patients requiring full mouth reconstruction. Traditional dental implant techniques also require multiple surgeries - including bone grafting - and recovery periods making the journey to oral rehabilitation far longer and more traumatic for the patient.
  • The All-on-4 in Houston is a cutting-edge procedure that uses just four implants to permanently hold a fixed bridge in place. This provides patients with a full arch of replacement teeth to restore 90 percent chewing function. This cost-effective procedure can almost always be completed without bone grafting beforehand, enabling patients to receive a new set of beautiful and immediately functional teeth in as little as a single day!

The All-on-4 in Houston: A Final Thought                                               

From start to finish, your dentist will work with you during the All-on-4 in Houston to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. We know what you’re thinking: ‘this procedure sounds too good to be true’. Well, the thousands of successfully treated patients are testimony to the reality of this innovative procedure. Less invasive than having multiple single implants and far more effective than removable dentures, the All-on-4 in Houston has literally revolutionized the fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and implant dentistry.