This article explains five ways you can keep your original natural teeth in excellent lifelong condition, preventing you from ever requiring dental implants to replace them.

All on Four dental implants in Houston are widely regarded by Houston dentists to be the best possible treatment solution for edentulism (the state of being toothless) and near-edentulism. But there is one option that is by far better and that’s keeping all of your original teeth! No matter how advanced the field of oral rehabilitation gets, nothing can rival your own biological technology. So, instead of discussing the benefits and advantages of the “All-on-4” as a teeth replacement solution, we’re going to explain five things you can do to keep your full set of natural teeth in excellent lifelong condition.

Tip # 1: Look After Your Teeth

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The biggest cause of tooth loss is periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay, both of which are wholly preventable. By maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene, you can keep the nasty oral ailments that cause tooth loss at bay. Your home oral hygiene routine should include:

• Twice daily (at least) brushing for two minutes at a time

• Flossing before you go to bed at night

• Optional: using an ADA-approved antibacterial mouthwash between brushes

Tip # 2: Go to the Dentist and Oral Hygienist Twice a Year

Going for regular scheduled dental check-ups and professional cleanings will ensure that any oral problems are diagnosed and treated in their infancy. A mild localized infection can be treated before it spreads; a cavity can be filled before it causes the entire tooth to decay and a small irregular patch can be biopsied to determine if it is dangerous. Prevention and early treatment are always better than cure, so start scheduling those appointments today!

Tip # 3: Stop smoking

Smoking causes gum disease and tooth loss, amongst a whole host of other nasty illnesses. Smoking also compromises the healing success of surgical procedures, such as dental implant placement. Quitting tobacco will not only increase your chances of keeping all of your teeth in good condition until your golden years, it will also increase your chance of actually getting to your golden years!

Tip # 4: Eat Healthily


What you put into your body is what you can expect to get out. Eating a healthy and balanced diet promotes whole-body health and your immunity against infection. Try to cut sugar out as much as possible, because it encourages oral bacteria to flourish. The dentist wasn’t joking when he explained that sugar causes cavities!

Tip # 5: Love Your Smile

Too many people take their oral health for granted. The condition of your teeth doesn’t appear to change from day to day, so where’s the harm in skipping the odd brush? Well, in the long term, the harm can be considerable. If you love your teeth and if you love your smile, you will do what it takes to keep them in excellent condition. This requires a daily investment of time and effort that is, if you think about it, quite negligible! Love your smile and take the time to look after your pearly whites, so that you can save yourself the expense of having to replace your teeth with Houston dental implants.