All on 4 implants is a breakthrough procedure that permits a permanent set of teeth to be fixed that not only looks, but feels completely natural, as well. For better understanding of the All-on-four implants in Houston, read below as frequently asked questions are answered about them:

All on 4 Implants - Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways All on 4 dental implants differ from dentures?

Dentures have to be removed for cleaning, while all-on-four implants are permanently fixed in your mouth hence can be cleaned in the same way as your natural teeth. So, the cleaning process is much easier and without any mess like you experience while using adhesives for holding your dentures in place. The implants look and function like your natural teeth thus you are able to perform all routine activities without the fear of them falling out. A number of patients who have been wearing dentures before having implants have reported how they are happy with the implants as it has enabled them to eat, speak and smile more confidently.

All on Four Implants in Houston

How are All on 4 dental implants different from standard dental implants?

If you are using traditional dental implants, then you might require multiple implants for each arch; while on the contrary, with All on four implants in Houston, only four implants are required generally. This is because of the special angles at which these implants can be placed. This process also adds more stability, thus implying that less number of implants needs to be fixed for achieving the same result.

In a few cases, depending on the patient, a bone grafting procedure might also be a necessity before placing the standard dental implants. The additional procedure of bone grafting further adds to the amount of time taken to complete the whole process owing to the fact that a bone graft can take up to a year to fully heal before you get the implants placed. With All on 4 dental implants, there is no requirement of a bone graft and the implants can be fixed into your jaw followed by placing the bridge immediately.

What to expect while undergoing an All on four dental implants treatment?

Generally, a prior consultation will be scheduled before the procedure starts. During the consultation, X-rays and impressions will also be taken for determining the actual requirements and measurements required for the best possible and optimum results. If your situation demands extraction of your teeth for initiating the implant treatment, that will be conducted in the first visit itself. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the extraction site to get healed. Thus, this procedure is also seldom referred to as teeth in a day. Even as the process itself is done in a single day, it is recommended to have your regular follow-up and check-ups with your dentist; this will ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Who is a suitable candidate for All on Four Implants in Houston?

All on 4 implants are the perfect solution if you want to replace dentures with a fixed bridge. Although most of the people can have All on 4 implants, however, it can be suitable for those who have previously worn loose and uncomfortable dentures.