With old age or a periodontal disease comes the problem of failing and falling teeth. Lost or missing teeth impact the beauty of your smile while also causing problems in chewing or mastication. At the same time, remedy in the form of removable dentures is not a very practical solution. They feel loose in the mouth and do not blend well with the gums. There is a possibility of them falling out while eating or laughing and this is very embarrassing for the user. And this is why a permanent tooth replacement treatment procedure proves valuable.

A number of people have understood the benefits of all on four dental implants in Houston and are increasingly opting for the treatment. With this treatment dentists restore a complete row of lost teeth with only four titanium dental implants. Being a permanent tooth replacement procedure, this gives a set of natural looking white teeth that also function like healthy teeth.

All On Four Houston - No Dentures

How do titanium dental implants work like natural teeth?

Dental implants look like a little titanium screw that is placed inside the jawbone and it substitutes for the root of a lost tooth. It is capped with a porcelain or ceramic crown to make a very natural looking and functional replacement tooth. Dental implants are made of titanium because the metal has the ability to fuse well with the bone and become a part of it. The process is actually known as osseointegration in medical literature and thanks to this, titanium is used in many surgeries including hip replacement and back surgeries - just to name a few.

Getting the All on four in Houston makes it possible to replace a complete row of teeth with just 4 titanium dental implants. The new teeth get all the support they need with only 4 implants per row.

When dentists use four implants, two of them are placed on the front of the jaw at an angle of 90 degrees from it while the other two are fixed at the backside at a 45 degree angle. On fixing the permanent bridge to 4 implants, their angular placing secures all four together and they fuse well into the jawbone. Since only 4 implants are used as opposed to 6 or 8 in conventional techniques, the healing is faster and there is hardly any risk of implants getting dislocated. Longer implants can be used as they are placed at an angle. Bone grafting is usually not required for patients who opt for all on four teeth implants.

Advanced software and detailed diagnostic tests are used to ensure proper placement of implants. The treatment may seem costly but the long term benefits it offers far outweigh the cost.

Better dental hygiene is yet another factor that makes permanent dental implants superior to removable bridges or dentures. You will not have to use any ‘special cleaning agents’ or chemicals to preserve the whiteness and beauty of your strong, new teeth. Regular brushing after meals and flossing to remove fine food articles help in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of all on four dental implants.
With all on four implants, you will be able to leave the dental center with your new set of teeth and immediately be able to speak, eat, and smile with enhanced confidence.

As you are having hectic schedules and leading more vigorous lives every day, missing even one tooth can be a total nightmare. This might also turn out to be a long term health concern. When you lose one or several teeth, the neighboring jaw bone tends to shrink owing to the absence of the stimulation that the root provides.

All this can be addressed by saying yes to all on 4 implants which is a revolutionary technique that entails using 4 dental implants to form fixed and non-removable, more natural looking teeth in a single visit. All-on-4 implants can be used to retain a fixed bridge in your mouth.

Why Go for All-on-4?

Patients who don’t have sufficient bone density might have been advised by their dentist to stay away from dental implants or they might be suggested to undergo a long, painful and even expensive bone grafting treatment before having dental implants. However, with the all on 4 implants technique, anyone can enjoy a beautiful set of new teeth in just one visit, even if you are not an ideal candidate for traditional dental implants or don’t have adequate bone for implants.

All on 4 Implants - No Dentures

The Process

Inserting a dental implant is a fast as well as minimally invasive process. Expert oral surgeons at your chosen dental center will conduct a thorough evaluation to decide the best treatment plan for you. They will execute an initial assessment entailing a complete examination along with diagnostic imaging. With the aid of an efficient computer program which will create a clear 3D image of your jaws. From there, you will receive an apt treatment plan. To make sure of the precision during your surgery, virtual implants will be set in the 3D image. After the complete evaluation, substituted teeth are made in the labs and fixed the very same day. This will ensure the quality of the procedure. You will be able to leave the dental center with your new set of teeth and straightaway be able to speak, eat, and smile with enhanced confidence.

So, How Does All on Four Implants Procedure Work?

A dental implant is basically a small titanium screw that can easily fit inside your jawbone and substitutes the root of your lost tooth. It is followed by attaching a crown to the implant - this can give you an extremely practical and functional tooth substitution. Titanium is the most preferred choice for making dental implants as it has an ability to fuse to your bone and act as part of it.

But what to do in the case wherein all your teeth are lost? Do you require a dental implant for each missing tooth? The answer is no, with all on four dental implants in Houston, it will typically take only four on the lower jaw and four on the upper jaw to give your new teeth all the support they require.

A number of patients have benefited from this amazing technique. With all on 4 implants you can get your teeth back - get your life back.
The dental implants technology is not new anymore. Thanks to the distinct benefits over removable bridges and dentures, a number of people go for teeth implants in Houston. But even when you choose the implants treatment as a cure for your missing teeth, what is it that makes ‘All on four’ superior to the conventional dental implants techniques? To understand the actual benefits, it is important to know the difference between the two processes.

The principal difference between the traditional tooth implant process and the technique for All on four dental implants Houston technique arises from the use of the number of dental implants for entire oral restoration. Conventionally, the process for restoring a full row of teeth typically involved bone grafting, 6 or more implants and about 1 and a half year of treatment. This also implied that the patient had to be without teeth or had to use temporary dentures till the completion of the treatment.

With the new All on four tooth implant procedure, your dentist uses only 4 implants to fix a new set of permanent replacement teeth. The implants used in the procedure are specially made for instant function and do not call for any bone grafting. The posterior implants are placed at an angle of about 45 degrees and this allows for better grip by using the natural support of your jaw bone. There is another logic behind placing of implants at angles of 45 degrees (as against 90 degrees in conventional methodology) - as a unit the 4 tooth implants are braced together and any vertical forces are uniformly distributed through the jaw bone.

All on Four

All on Four Dental Implants Houston is also known as same day teeth or teeth in a day as the patient gets his/her new set of teeth with a single day of treatment.

Stability and support from surrounding jawbone is an obvious benefit of all on four teeth implants. Some other advantages include:

• No need for complicated bone grafting
• Restored functionality of teeth with ability to enjoy food of any texture
• Improved facial structure and appearance (no more sagging cheeks)
• Very little pain and discomfort
• Job done with only one visit to the dentist’s office

Preparing for All on four dental implants in Houston

If you wish to go for the teeth in a day procedure, visit your dentist for an initial evaluation. Dentists specializing in teeth implants would examine the condition of your jawbone and surrounding teeth and will discuss the different aspects of this treatment with you. Do give your complete medical history to your dentist and inform him about the medications that you might be on. The dental checkup might also involve an X-ray to measure the bone density and take teeth impressions. Certain dentists use advanced software and a dedicated treatment plan systems for comprehensive diagnostics - identification of structure of the bone, virtual placing of tooth implants as per patient’s prosthetic requirements and customized surgical template for guided and precise placing of implants.

After the diagnostic appointment, if the patient does not need any additional treatment/tooth extraction, the dentist sets an appointment for the actual treatment. The implants and crowns are fitted - all on the same day!

This article explains five ways you can keep your original natural teeth in excellent lifelong condition, preventing you from ever requiring dental implants to replace them.

All on Four dental implants in Houston are widely regarded by Houston dentists to be the best possible treatment solution for edentulism (the state of being toothless) and near-edentulism. But there is one option that is by far better and that’s keeping all of your original teeth! No matter how advanced the field of oral rehabilitation gets, nothing can rival your own biological technology. So, instead of discussing the benefits and advantages of the “All-on-4” as a teeth replacement solution, we’re going to explain five things you can do to keep your full set of natural teeth in excellent lifelong condition.

Tip # 1: Look After Your Teeth

All on Four dental implants Houston

The biggest cause of tooth loss is periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay, both of which are wholly preventable. By maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene, you can keep the nasty oral ailments that cause tooth loss at bay. Your home oral hygiene routine should include:

• Twice daily (at least) brushing for two minutes at a time

• Flossing before you go to bed at night

• Optional: using an ADA-approved antibacterial mouthwash between brushes

Tip # 2: Go to the Dentist and Oral Hygienist Twice a Year

Going for regular scheduled dental check-ups and professional cleanings will ensure that any oral problems are diagnosed and treated in their infancy. A mild localized infection can be treated before it spreads; a cavity can be filled before it causes the entire tooth to decay and a small irregular patch can be biopsied to determine if it is dangerous. Prevention and early treatment are always better than cure, so start scheduling those appointments today!

Tip # 3: Stop smoking

Smoking causes gum disease and tooth loss, amongst a whole host of other nasty illnesses. Smoking also compromises the healing success of surgical procedures, such as dental implant placement. Quitting tobacco will not only increase your chances of keeping all of your teeth in good condition until your golden years, it will also increase your chance of actually getting to your golden years!

Tip # 4: Eat Healthily


What you put into your body is what you can expect to get out. Eating a healthy and balanced diet promotes whole-body health and your immunity against infection. Try to cut sugar out as much as possible, because it encourages oral bacteria to flourish. The dentist wasn’t joking when he explained that sugar causes cavities!

Tip # 5: Love Your Smile

Too many people take their oral health for granted. The condition of your teeth doesn’t appear to change from day to day, so where’s the harm in skipping the odd brush? Well, in the long term, the harm can be considerable. If you love your teeth and if you love your smile, you will do what it takes to keep them in excellent condition. This requires a daily investment of time and effort that is, if you think about it, quite negligible! Love your smile and take the time to look after your pearly whites, so that you can save yourself the expense of having to replace your teeth with Houston dental implants.

This article explains what the All-on-4 dental implant technique is and how it gives edentulous and near-edentulous patients a complete set of natural teeth again.

All on Four dental implants in Houston offer a fantastic solution to patients who have lost many or even all of their natural teeth. Not only does this innovative dental implant protocol give patients a full set of teeth that boast a lifespan of decades; they are also non-removable, immediately functional and are virtually indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth! With all of the benefits of a fixed and non-removable tooth replacement solution and none of the challenges and endless costs associated with older dental technologies, such as removable partial or full dentures, All on Four dental implants in Houston represent a long term investment in both your oral health and quality of life.

About All on Four Dental Implants in Houston

All on Four dental implants Houston

All on Four dental implants in Houston are a revolutionary approach to the treatment of patients who have lost most or all of their teeth to periodontal (gum) disease. Unlike traditional dental implant techniques, All on Four dental implants in Houston can provide patients with same-day tooth replacement solutions, almost always without the need for bone grafting surgery first. This substantially shorter treatment time and far less complex treatment method has rendered All on Four dental implants in Houston a much less expensive solution to edentulism (toothlessness) and it is highly recommended by dentists all over the world.

So, how does it work? Quite simply! The procedure consists of the affixing of a customized prosthetic dental bridge to the abutments of four dental implants per jaw (hence the name.) These implants are carefully and precisely inserted at locations in the mouth that naturally contain a greater volume of more atrophy-resistant bone tissue. All on Four dental implants in Houston are also angulated to avoid damaging vital structures in the mouth, such as the nerve canal in the lower jaw and the sinus cavity in the upper jaw.

All on Four dental implants in Houston: Does it Hurt Doc?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question in the business is: “Does it hurt?” One of the great things about All on Four dental implants in Houston is that it requires patients to endure minimal pain and discomfort. This is because the use of modern sophisticated computer imaging software enables skilled oral surgeons to perform the procedure using as few incisions and sutures as possible. This minimizes post-operative pain and discomfort. Furthermore, All on Four dental implants in Houston are placed under the effects of anesthesia so the procedure itself is totally pain-free. Most patients report a dull localized aching in the first few days after their surgery, but this is normal and can easily be managed with a painkiller or two.

All on Four Dental Implants in Houston: Smile! You Are a Candidate!

All on Four

A lot of patients are very unfortunately told by their dentists that they are not candidates for dental implants and so they believe the same applies to All on Four dental implants in Houston. What’s important to note is that All on Four dental implants in Houston were created with the intention of providing a much quicker and more painless and effective tooth replacement solution to people who have been living without teeth and/or with dentures for many years. All on Four dental implants in Houston provides a comprehensive tooth replacement solution for all kinds of unique cases, whether a patient is in their teens or in their nineties!

Speak to your dentist today about All on Four dental implants in Houston. Thanks to this innovative protocol, almost everyone’s a candidate!