A great smile has the potential to break even the hardest rocks in the world. When it comes to judging a personality, smile is the trait that people look for. A beautiful smile makes a great first impression and it can add to your overall personality. However, most people, owing to age, disease or some unfortunate accident lose their precious teeth. People who lose their teeth start feeling conscious about how they look and this feeling forces them to miss out on the opportunities that life gifts us everyday. A lot of people who have lost their teeth shun their social life and start leading a life in seclusion that gives rise to various psychological disorders.

All on 4 Dental Implants

Until now, for people who have lost their teeth, dentures were the only solution. However, dentures are an extremely annoying, painful and troublesome alternative to missing teeth. First of all, dentures are ill fitting and they require a dental adhesive to keep them in place. Eating with the dentures can cause discomfort, especially when you have to chew hard food. In addition, cleaning of dentures require taking them off, which in itself is not a very pleasant sight. To overcome all these limitations, all on 4 dental implants offer the best solution to people who are looking for a solution for missing teeth.

Unlike dentures, all on 4 dental implants allow the patients to have a complete set of bright and shiny teeth which are permanently fixed. The best part about getting all on 4 dental implants is that unlike implant dentistry, you can get all your teeth in an hour. The groundbreaking technology, invented by Dr. Paulo Malo, requires only four implants for each jaw that actually provides full support to the jaw.

Here are some of the benefits of all on 4 dentures –

• The biggest benefit of all on 4 dental implants is that there are only 8 implants per jaw are required for complete oral restoration.
• The all on 4 implants are easy to get and through the procedure you can get teeth in one day.
• Unlike dentures, with all on 4 implants, you do not have to worry about taking teeth out and cleaning them. These implants are fixed permanently and can be cleaned just like your natural teeth.
• This is a minimally invasive surgery and does not cause any discomfort to the patient.
• Results derived after all on 4 dental implants procedure resemble natural teeth and cause no discomfort to the patient while talking or eating.
• The all on 4 dental implant technique is less costly when compared to dentures and other techniques of dental implants.
• Dental implants allow you to eat anything that you like, while they also enhance your personality by giving you a bright and vibrant smile.

Teeth in an Hour - No Dentures

If you have lost your teeth, you do not have to hide behind others or remain in the confines of your house. Dental implants give you aesthetically crafted and natural looking healthy teeth that enhance your overall personality and inspire you to do things that you are missing in a life without your teeth.
The All on 4 dental implants technique is a practical and simplified solution for people who have lost or are about to lose all or most of their teeth. With a full arch rehabilitation, you can get natural looking teeth in a single sitting at the dentist’s office. This is why the technique is also referred to as teeth in a day in Houston. The non-removable dental implants are fixed permanently and not only look but also function like strong natural teeth. So you can always flash a beautiful smile and also enjoy the food items that you had to give up due to missing teeth problems. As a reliable and safe treatment for edentulous patients at any age, the all on four dental implant technique has a very high rate of success and long lasting, delightful results.

Conventional treatment for missing teeth problems

There was a time when people with lost teeth had no other choice than to replace them with a denture. But those temporary dentures could only replace the look of teeth not the function. Cleaning them was another cumbersome problem and it was not possible to maintain a good level of hygiene. Also, users faced difficulty in speaking clearly and had that constant fear of dentures coming off while laughing or smiling.

With a dental implants treatment there is now a solution which involves the use of strong titanium implants to create new, functional, permanent teeth. As a metal, titanium has the ability to fuse well with the jaw bone and creates a strong base on which porcelain caps or crowns (that resemble shiny, white teeth) can be fixed. The conventional dental implants technique involves the use of 5 or more implants to fix new teeth. This is a time consuming procedure as the patient needs to wait for a few months and allow the implant site to heal before the caps can be placed. But with all on 4 dental implants, your dentist uses only 4 implants to fix a full arch of teeth.

The process of fixing teeth on four implants

Conventionally, teeth implants need to be fixed onto the jaw at an inclination of 90 degrees from it. When your dentist uses the all on four technique, the 2 implants used for the front are fixed in the same way (at angle of 90 degrees) but the ones fixed at the back side of the jaw are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. When the bridge is fixed to the 4 implants, the angular placing of implants secures all of them together and this makes for better fusing with the jawbone. All on four teeth implants also heal faster and have a very low risk of getting dislodged.

Teeth in a Day Houston - No Dentures

If you have loose teeth and want to replace them with a strong set of dental implants, the damaged (or loose) teeth can be removed in a comfortable surgical setting under dental sedation. The implants are placed after this and become a long lasting aesthetic and functional solution for your teeth troubles. The All on four technique does make smile makeovers possible while also giving you a set of healthy, functional teeth.
You may be a potential candidate for dental implants if you are missing a number of permanent teeth or have gaps in your smile. Moreover, if you are wearing dentures, you tend to experience various other problems like slipping and clicking while talking, irritation and pain when you chew, or fear of eating in public. However, your current dental health will also play a great role in determining whether you’re a good candidate for these implants or not.

Implant dentistry in Houston makes use of dental implants that will utilize your jaw bone to hold a tooth replacement or bridge, instead of attaching it to a healthy, neighboring tooth. Consequently, you will get a natural-looking set of new teeth that will look, feel and function as your own.

Listed below is useful information about All on 4 Implants:

The number of teeth that can be supported

Usually, a dental implant supports a single crown which is known as a single-tooth implant; on the other hand, all-on-four implants will support all your teeth by using just 4 implants. In some cases, the patients have more than one missing tooth in a row. The total number of dental implants needed is precisely decided by the volume and density of the jawbone bone at a specific location for placing an implant.

No Dentures - Implant Dentistry Houston

In cases, wherein an entire row of teeth has to be supported, like in a full mouth reconstruction, then the requirement is of at least five dental implants. The exact number of implants needed usually depends on every individual case. Your dentist will be able to give you the right suggestion about the best treatment plan followed by an in-depth examination and consultation.

Durability and longevity of dental implants

Modern dental implants are expected to last for a period of 15 years or more, and estimates are that 90 percent of dental implants should last a lifetime under correct and careful conditions.

Once the procedure of all on 4 dental implants restoration has been executed and completed, it is typically assumed that with the correct placement of implants along with the completion of the restorative work, it becomes the accountability of the patient to make sure that the completed treatment is carefully monitored and maintained properly. Increased risks of failure can be attributed to neglect and improper care by the patient i.e. on completion of the treatment if the patient does not visit a dentist or hygienist regularly.

With regard to Implant Dentistry in Houston, another group of risky patients are the smokers that are at the highest risk of implant failure. According to the data, the failure rate for smokers is about 12 -15 percent and this failure rate is also similar for patients with high alcohol consumption. Apart from smoking and drinking, there are other medical conditions like any type of facial trauma that can affect the longevity and success of dental implants.
All-on-4 dental implants can be rightly considered as a great and exciting dental technology. These implants have certainly come a long way with respect to their function, appearance, and longevity. These features have made the implants the most preferred choice for replacing your missing tooth / teeth. The implants can easily hold crowns and bridges and can considerably enhance the fit and sense of dentures and partial dentures. They have made the ill-fitting and distressing dentures things of the past.

A look at a few concerns related to dental implants:

What is the lifespan of All on 4 Dental Implants?

The success rates of dental implants are generally good. Once the implant is in place, there are various factors that may affect its survival such as poor hygiene, negligence in taking care, excessive biting forces and certain health factors. You have to follow a diligent care regime for your implants to last for years to come. Your dental implants can last for long if they are taken proper care of.

All on 4 Dental Implants

Will your body refuse the dental implants?

It is a fact that not everyone can undergo implant treatment and there are a few medical restrictions and contraindications. Your dental assessment will include a professional medical screening that might highlight your dental concerns. There are several medical conditions that bring with them higher risk factors such as diabetes due to compromised healing. Moreover, if you have had a cardiac problem, you might be required to wait for almost 6 months. Also, if you are under cancer treatment, you must avoid implants till you are in remission. While, smokers can have implants but they are at a higher risk of implant failure.

What are the surgical risks involved in the procedure?

A skilled dental implant surgeon will assess your condition and any risks to inform you at the planning stage itself. Diagnostic procedures are executed to plan cases in order to reduce as well as minimize risks. The more complicated the surgery is, the greater the risk for complexities. If you have adequate bone, then the surgery is easier, more predictable, further all the surgical risks are also reduced.

Is your age suitable for dental implants?

Practically, it is not your age but your medical condition that is a deciding factor for an implant surgery.

Will you be comfortable and will the aesthetics be great with All on 4 dental implants?

An implant is close to your natural teeth with respect to the functioning and appearance for substituting your missing tooth / teeth. Implant restorations are quite aesthetic and one would have to struggle to distinguish an implant from your natural tooth. If you are a denture wearer who suffers with a typical problem of loose lower dentures - then with four implants in the lower jaw, you can drastically improve the function, confidence and quality of life. It is right to say that replacing your teeth with All on 4 Dental Implants will feel quite natural and can also eliminate the frustration that comes with loose fitting dentures. Moreover, aesthetics attained with these implants make you feel good and more confident.
Missing an entire arch of teeth implies leading a very uncomfortable life. You start looking for methods and treatments to replace them permanently and securely as opposed to having an uncomfortable denture. All-on-4 dental implants treatment is considered as one of the most preferred method to have implants. You might also have come across names for this system as same-day teeth or same-day smiles. It’s a better alternative technique for replacing the full teeth arch by using only four dental implants that are used to hold up a fixed denture or a dental bridge, all on the very same day.

Proper Placement of these Implants is Responsible for Improved Stability

The All-on-4 implants method involves placing all four dental implants in a specific position in your jaw bone, particularly towards the front of the mouth. The two dental implants are inserted in the normal way and are located at the front of the mouth while the two dental implants that are on either side of them are placed at an angle of 45 degrees. This is done to optimize the use of the jaw bone in that area as well as it also implies that an implant with a longer post can be used that will help to augment stability.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The bone in front of the mouth is the strongest hence the implants are placed towards the front of the mouth. When these implants are loaded with either a denture or bridge, they are properly locked into their position. This helps to spread the load uniformly across all four implants and further significantly reduces the possibility of the implants failing or becoming loose.

How safe is the All-on-4 Dental Implants Technique?

This technique has been broadly tested and implemented by dentists all over the world registering tremendous success. However, selecting your implant dentist cautiously is a wise decision as this particular technique requires additional skills.

A Look at the Procedure

Before going for the procedure, you can attend an initial consultation with your chosen implant dentist who has expertise in this special technique. Feel free to ask all the queries you have in your mind related to the procedure. This will make you better prepared for the surgery and keep all your apprehensions at bay. The dental professional will take into account your full medical records and history along with necessary dental x-rays and a CT scan. All this will help you to make a decision whether this treatment is suitable for you or not.

The next step that will follow is to chalk out the implant placement and fix a day for the surgery. The procedure will comprise of extracting your teeth, placing the implants and fixing your new prosthesis all on that same day. You’ll be required to visit your dentist again at a pre-decided date once your dental implants have become fully integrated with your jaw bone. At this time, you’ll get the final restoration fitted.

With All-on-4 dental implants and implant dentistry in Houston you will get a beautiful and natural-looking set of new teeth with long-lasting results if taken proper care of.
Denture users often complain of discomfort and problems in speech and eating when they use these removable teeth bridges. The adhesives that are used to fix dentures in place are also difficult to manage and they do not prove to be 100% effective. With no natural or artificial tooth roots, their jaw also begin to shrink with bone loss - this causes more problems for dentures to fit in the mouth. It is natural then for denture wearers to be very self-conscious and hesitant to socialize. But with new cosmetic dentistry solutions, anyone who has lost a tooth or a set of teeth can get permanent dental implants that look and function like natural teeth.

All on 4 dental implants is a cosmetic dentistry treatment concept that gives you:

• Permanent and non removable replacement teeth
• Predictable cosmetic results with a smile makeover
• Complete and instant functionality
• Implants and teeth caps (crowns) in a single day

In most of the cases, there is no need for bone grafting when you opt for teeth in a day in Houston. The technique makes it possible to fix a complete arch of permanent teeth with only four titanium dental implants. Your dentist places the implants at an angle of about 45 degrees to utilize the best available bone.

For accurate placing of implants, dentists prepare a comprehensive treatment plan. This includes a 3D CT scan, X-Ray images (of jaw bone and planned implant site), jaw relation records and impressions.

All On 4 Dental Implants - No Dentures

Though any adult with missing teeth can go for this new dental implants practice, there are some conditions that may become obstacles in getting a successful treatment. It is important to be aware of these and disclose them to your dentist before you choose this treatment:

• Some chronic medical problems including diabetes, hemophilia and immune-deficiency disorders can cause you to be at high risk for failure of dental implants. Victims of such diseases are more susceptible to infections around the fixtures. The amount of risk however depends upon the severity of your disease.

• Smoking is directly related to the risk of dental implant failure. Research studies have disclosed that a regular smoker is 2.5 times more likely to have implant failure than a non-smoker. And it is evident that smoking is also the cause of many other health problems in an individual. If you are serious about teeth in a day in Houston, it is wise to give up smoking.

• Expecting mothers should not go for dental implant treatments during their pregnancy period.

• At times alcohol also causes health problems that may affect the success of your implant treatment. It is best to stop the intake of alcoholic drinks for at least some time before the procedure.

If you are on any medication, do tell your dentist about it while discussing your dental implants plan. An experienced dentist would prepare the most appropriate treatment plan as per your individual condition. Giving immediate results and being more convenient as compared to conventional techniques, all on 4 dental implants treatment is a life changing procedure.
It is the responsibility of your chosen professional dental implants surgeon to have a counseling session with you and make you aware of the risks of failure and the success rate.

It is not difficult to come across numerous long term studies that indicate the success rate of the dental implants, and they can last for many years and often a lifetime if taken proper care of. The success rate of all on 4 dental implants is considerably high, around 90-95 percent of those whose implants are fixed to natural bone as against the lower success rate of about 80-85 percent for those patients who have had bone grafts before. Moreover, if you are concerned about the substance used in implants - the titanium is rarely ever discarded by the body and has never been found to have harmful effects on a patient, either.

All on 4 Dental Implants - Factors Affecting Its Success

Proper Maintenance Regime: Diligently maintaining careful oral hygiene during the period after having implants surgery, also for the rest of your life, will particularly guarantee success of your implants done from professional implant dentists. But, there are possibilities that the all on four implants can fail if they are not fitted in a correct manner thus resulting in an infection. Proper care has to be taken by the dentist while placing the implants into your jaw bone to avert any infection and an extremely painful condition that might result in pus emission from the area of the implant.

All on Four - No Dentures

Your Oral Health Condition: Dental implants also rely on your oral and general health; it demands that you already have a good general health, especially your oral health. Thus, it is unlikely that your implant surgeon will conduct the dental implant surgery on you if you have inadequate health. If you are a smoker, then you will be suggested to quit smoking if you want to undergo this surgery. Smoking results in implant failure two and half times more than those who do not smoke.

The All on 4 treatment can have a great success rate; but it is the responsibility of your chosen professional dental implants surgeon to have a counseling session with you and make you aware of the risks of failure and the success rates. This session will help you make up your mind whether you want to carry on with a dental implant procedure or not.

Professional dental implants surgeons are able to recommend a durable and reliable solution for your tooth loss. You certainly would not like to go with removable dentures that are too messy while you are eating and often they tend to slip, as well. Moreover, it also decreases your ability to actually chew food and as time passes, they tend to wear away and you may need to replace them. On the other hand, the bridges used in all on 4 dental implants can be long lasting and can be treated just like your regular set of teeth. This professionally invented process further takes advantage of your existing bone, even if scarce, thus, avoiding having to use bone grafts.
It is very important to be patient and diligent about this treatment as it will require proper dental care post treatment.

If you are facing total tooth loss and are considering effective treatment options, then the all-on-4 dental implants technique will provide you new hope. The revolutionary All-on-4 method has made it possible to do a complete mouth tooth replacement by using just 4 dental implants per arch.

FAQs Related to All-on-4 Houston Dental Implant

What to expect during and after the All-on-4 dental implants procedure?

There is some level of discomfort associated with any sort of surgery. Your dentist will thoroughly administer anesthesia and sedation to alleviate any pain or discomfort. You might also experience some swelling and bruising following the procedure. For this, your dentist will prescribe some effective medication to help you cope up with it. Usually, patients are able to return back to their normal daily activities the day after the procedure.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

How long does an All-on-4 Procedure takes?

Following your prior consultation and diagnostic procedures like CT scans, X-rays, etc. your implants and new teeth will be placed completely in one appointment. With the All-on-4 Houston dental implant, you can come to the dental clinic with bad or no teeth, and leave the very same day with a beautiful smile and a set of fixed and functional teeth.

Does the all-on-4 dental implants procedure hurt?

The all-on-four treatment and surgery is quite a painless technique. Once the numbness subsides, you will get a bit of swelling and soreness which is normal and usually last for some days. A number of patients are able to continue their normal routine within 2 days post the implant surgery. These 2 days are required to get used to your new teeth and their functioning.

Will you get your replacement teeth on the same day?

As soon as your all-on-four implants have been surgically placed, your dentist will then attach your prosthetic dental bridge that has been custom fabricated in an on-site laboratory from molds taken of your teeth during your previous appointment. So, no need to worry about any extra time walking around without any teeth in your mouth.

What about the post-surgery diet?

Owing to the concealed metal framework included in the pre-fabrication process, your new set of teeth will turn out to be quite stable and strong. It will be possible for you to eat most of the food items right away. You will be able to continue your regular diet within a period of 6-9 weeks. Avoiding hard foods and those foods that require tearing like hard breads, pizza, steak, carrots, corn on the cob, and crunchy and sticky snacks treats including nuts and gum, is suggested.

How must you take care for your All-on-4 teeth implants?

You have to take proper care of your implants and permanent replacement teeth just like you care for your natural teeth. Include daily and regular brushing and flossing in your dental cleaning regime. It is also recommended to visit your dentist for timely follow-ups and check-ups.
For a successful implant surgery, make sure you select a good dental implant center with all the modern amenities along with professional and experienced doctors and staff.

If you are uncomfortable wearing dentures but tired of your missing teeth, you can go for an option that might be right for you - dental implants. Dental implants can be the best solution for replacing missing or failing teeth. You will experience comfort along with stability.

Reasons for tooth loss

There can be a wide range of reasons for loosing a tooth. Understanding those causes can help you be aware of your mouth’s state of health and prevent problems that contribute to tooth loss. A few of them could be:

• Trauma or some injury
• Missing teeth and history of gum disease
• Finances: It is assumed that dental treatments are too expensive. You can consult your dental implant surgeon Houston regarding the all on 4 dental implants to avoid any presumptions.
• Severe decay: If you delay the treatment thus allowing decay to progress
• Cracked tooth from biting stress (Bruxism)
• A failed root canal treatment
• Poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition and unhealthy or poor habits
• Fear factor: Most of you are afraid of the dentist and never consult one in the event of dental problems. This can further aggravate the condition over time and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Consequences of tooth loss

• Tooth loss results in the decreased density of the jaw bone.
• Decrease in facial height and loss of facial expression muscles and negative facial esthetic skin changes.
• Increased length of upper lip.
• Reduced chewing ability further leading to declined nutritional uptake.
• Shifting of remaining teeth and change in bite.
• Remaining teeth become prone to decay and gum problems.

Features of a good dental implant center

For a successful implant surgery, make sure you select a good dental implant center with the following features:

All on 4 Dental Implants

Advanced Dental and Facial Services: The dental implant center must be able to provide all modern facilities to conduct various types of facio-maxillary and dental treatment procedures from regular dental treatments to complex dental and facial surgeries.

A well-equipped dental laboratory: It should also have an attached dental laboratory for facilitating easy delivery of dental prostheses / appliances, including advanced ceramic dental methods.

Treatment planning: The center must employ digital photography for intra & extra-oral images. This ensures efficient treatment planning and implementation in order to attain excellent results.

The team: Must have a good team of experienced doctors, including those that specialize in Cosmetic Surgery and Anesthesiology apart from all specialties in Dentistry; and responsible as well as proficient office staff.

Record maintenance: The method of maintaining the records should be fully-computerized with a diligent record maintenance protocol.

Clinic staff: Must employ well-trained and friendly clinic staff to carry out the dental treatments.

Efficient measures for infection control: It must follow the set guidelines for safety and take necessary precautions with all procedures. The center must be operational with all modern equipment necessary to achieve sufficient infection control.

Treatment costs: The dental implants cost and cosmetic dental surgery cost charged by the center must be reasonable without compromising on the quality of the services and treatment.

Payment options: The center must provide options for payment so that it doesn’t burden you more.