Missing an entire arch of teeth implies leading a very uncomfortable life. You start looking for methods and treatments to replace them permanently and securely as opposed to having an uncomfortable denture. All-on-4 dental implants treatment is considered as one of the most preferred method to have implants. You might also have come across names for this system as same-day teeth or same-day smiles. It’s a better alternative technique for replacing the full teeth arch by using only four dental implants that are used to hold up a fixed denture or a dental bridge, all on the very same day.

Proper Placement of these Implants is Responsible for Improved Stability

The All-on-4 implants method involves placing all four dental implants in a specific position in your jaw bone, particularly towards the front of the mouth. The two dental implants are inserted in the normal way and are located at the front of the mouth while the two dental implants that are on either side of them are placed at an angle of 45 degrees. This is done to optimize the use of the jaw bone in that area as well as it also implies that an implant with a longer post can be used that will help to augment stability.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The bone in front of the mouth is the strongest hence the implants are placed towards the front of the mouth. When these implants are loaded with either a denture or bridge, they are properly locked into their position. This helps to spread the load uniformly across all four implants and further significantly reduces the possibility of the implants failing or becoming loose.

How safe is the All-on-4 Dental Implants Technique?

This technique has been broadly tested and implemented by dentists all over the world registering tremendous success. However, selecting your implant dentist cautiously is a wise decision as this particular technique requires additional skills.

A Look at the Procedure

Before going for the procedure, you can attend an initial consultation with your chosen implant dentist who has expertise in this special technique. Feel free to ask all the queries you have in your mind related to the procedure. This will make you better prepared for the surgery and keep all your apprehensions at bay. The dental professional will take into account your full medical records and history along with necessary dental x-rays and a CT scan. All this will help you to make a decision whether this treatment is suitable for you or not.

The next step that will follow is to chalk out the implant placement and fix a day for the surgery. The procedure will comprise of extracting your teeth, placing the implants and fixing your new prosthesis all on that same day. You’ll be required to visit your dentist again at a pre-decided date once your dental implants have become fully integrated with your jaw bone. At this time, you’ll get the final restoration fitted.

With All-on-4 dental implants and implant dentistry in Houston you will get a beautiful and natural-looking set of new teeth with long-lasting results if taken proper care of.
Denture users often complain of discomfort and problems in speech and eating when they use these removable teeth bridges. The adhesives that are used to fix dentures in place are also difficult to manage and they do not prove to be 100% effective. With no natural or artificial tooth roots, their jaw also begin to shrink with bone loss - this causes more problems for dentures to fit in the mouth. It is natural then for denture wearers to be very self-conscious and hesitant to socialize. But with new cosmetic dentistry solutions, anyone who has lost a tooth or a set of teeth can get permanent dental implants that look and function like natural teeth.

All on 4 dental implants is a cosmetic dentistry treatment concept that gives you:

• Permanent and non removable replacement teeth
• Predictable cosmetic results with a smile makeover
• Complete and instant functionality
• Implants and teeth caps (crowns) in a single day

In most of the cases, there is no need for bone grafting when you opt for teeth in a day in Houston. The technique makes it possible to fix a complete arch of permanent teeth with only four titanium dental implants. Your dentist places the implants at an angle of about 45 degrees to utilize the best available bone.

For accurate placing of implants, dentists prepare a comprehensive treatment plan. This includes a 3D CT scan, X-Ray images (of jaw bone and planned implant site), jaw relation records and impressions.

All On 4 Dental Implants - No Dentures

Though any adult with missing teeth can go for this new dental implants practice, there are some conditions that may become obstacles in getting a successful treatment. It is important to be aware of these and disclose them to your dentist before you choose this treatment:

• Some chronic medical problems including diabetes, hemophilia and immune-deficiency disorders can cause you to be at high risk for failure of dental implants. Victims of such diseases are more susceptible to infections around the fixtures. The amount of risk however depends upon the severity of your disease.

• Smoking is directly related to the risk of dental implant failure. Research studies have disclosed that a regular smoker is 2.5 times more likely to have implant failure than a non-smoker. And it is evident that smoking is also the cause of many other health problems in an individual. If you are serious about teeth in a day in Houston, it is wise to give up smoking.

• Expecting mothers should not go for dental implant treatments during their pregnancy period.

• At times alcohol also causes health problems that may affect the success of your implant treatment. It is best to stop the intake of alcoholic drinks for at least some time before the procedure.

If you are on any medication, do tell your dentist about it while discussing your dental implants plan. An experienced dentist would prepare the most appropriate treatment plan as per your individual condition. Giving immediate results and being more convenient as compared to conventional techniques, all on 4 dental implants treatment is a life changing procedure.
It is the responsibility of your chosen professional dental implants surgeon to have a counseling session with you and make you aware of the risks of failure and the success rate.

It is not difficult to come across numerous long term studies that indicate the success rate of the dental implants, and they can last for many years and often a lifetime if taken proper care of. The success rate of all on 4 dental implants is considerably high, around 90-95 percent of those whose implants are fixed to natural bone as against the lower success rate of about 80-85 percent for those patients who have had bone grafts before. Moreover, if you are concerned about the substance used in implants - the titanium is rarely ever discarded by the body and has never been found to have harmful effects on a patient, either.

All on 4 Dental Implants - Factors Affecting Its Success

Proper Maintenance Regime: Diligently maintaining careful oral hygiene during the period after having implants surgery, also for the rest of your life, will particularly guarantee success of your implants done from professional implant dentists. But, there are possibilities that the all on four implants can fail if they are not fitted in a correct manner thus resulting in an infection. Proper care has to be taken by the dentist while placing the implants into your jaw bone to avert any infection and an extremely painful condition that might result in pus emission from the area of the implant.

All on Four - No Dentures

Your Oral Health Condition: Dental implants also rely on your oral and general health; it demands that you already have a good general health, especially your oral health. Thus, it is unlikely that your implant surgeon will conduct the dental implant surgery on you if you have inadequate health. If you are a smoker, then you will be suggested to quit smoking if you want to undergo this surgery. Smoking results in implant failure two and half times more than those who do not smoke.

The All on 4 treatment can have a great success rate; but it is the responsibility of your chosen professional dental implants surgeon to have a counseling session with you and make you aware of the risks of failure and the success rates. This session will help you make up your mind whether you want to carry on with a dental implant procedure or not.

Professional dental implants surgeons are able to recommend a durable and reliable solution for your tooth loss. You certainly would not like to go with removable dentures that are too messy while you are eating and often they tend to slip, as well. Moreover, it also decreases your ability to actually chew food and as time passes, they tend to wear away and you may need to replace them. On the other hand, the bridges used in all on 4 dental implants can be long lasting and can be treated just like your regular set of teeth. This professionally invented process further takes advantage of your existing bone, even if scarce, thus, avoiding having to use bone grafts.