All on four technique is primarily centered on a patients wish for a simple treatment procedure and optimal, quick results.

Progress in dental technologies has led to new and superior areas of clinical practices that were never tried before. All on 4 dental implants in Houston is one such technique that is helping hundreds of people to get a new set of shiny white teeth everyday. People who may have lost one or more teeth due to an injury or periodontal disease, and those who are about to lose some can go for this treatment to get immediate replacement teeth.

The All on four technique is primarily centered around the idea for a patient wishing for a simple treatment procedure and optimal, quick results. People around the world are getting smile makeovers and the ability to chew their favorite foods, thanks to this advanced and uncomplicated procedure for dental implants.

What exactly is a dental implant?

A Dental implant is a little fixture of metal, usually titanium and it serves as a substitute for the root of a lost natural tooth. Thanks to the biocompatible characteristics of titanium, once these implants are fixed on the upper or lower jaw, they get attached to the jawbone and then become strong supports for the replacement teeth.

When you get replacement teeth supported by these strong implants, you can eat and drink easily and smile with renewed confidence.

The fear of dentures coming off and the general nuisance in their maintenance were major issues for people with missing teeth. But with the all on four in Houston, it’s simple for them to get permanently fixed dental implants that look and function just like natural teeth.

All on Four Houston - No Dentures

The superiority of all on 4 procedure for implants

With the all-on-4 dental implant procedure, all teeth are supported by just 4 titanium implants. It is a new technique in which the back implants are angled at 45 degrees to offer the needed support for complete rehabilitation. Angular placement of implants assists in overcoming bone deficiencies that are typically seen in the back of the jaw. It also helps to do away with the additional task of bone grafting.

As opposed to conventional techniques that require fixing of 5-6 implants, ‘all on 4 dental implants’ requires less and so it is simpler to get optimal results. The implants are capped with milky white crowns to create the look and feel of normal teeth in your mouth. You can easily use and clean your new implants very similar your natural teeth.

Skilled dentists understand the needs of their individual patients and customize the technique to give them the finest results. If a patient requires bone grafting, it is done simultaneously with the fixing of implants or before placing them in a staged manner.

Technique for All on four dental implants in Houston is a new dental philosophy that is already supported by optimum results. The focus of course is always on ensuring predictable results with the finest mix of aesthetics and functions for people with missing teeth problems.

If you’ve been waiting for that perfect smile makeover and do not like to wait for months before you get your replacement teeth, the all on four Houston technique would be the right choice for dental implants.
The problem of missing teeth is not merely a cosmetic issue. Even if you lose a second or third molar from any side of the jaw, you may experience problems in grinding food properly. This is where replacement teeth help. As an alternative to removable dentures and damaged teeth, all on four dental implants can become immediate replacements and appear, feel and function like healthy, white natural teeth.

If you feel you may lose your teeth due to an injury or a periodontal disease or are using dentures at present, you can go for all on four dental implant procedure, also known as teeth in day.

At times some people are not considered good candidates for conventional dental implants because of jaw bone loss. But in the all on four procedure dentists use the front segment of jaw and there is typically no need of bone graft or sinus augmentation.

How is the procedure different from conventional techniques of dental implants?

Using the customary method, dental implants are placed directly in the bone that may also need a sinus lift and bone graft. After this a patient needs to wait for six to nine months before the implant is covered with a dental cap. With the all on four dental implant technique, dense bone in the front section of the jaw is used for natural support and posterior implants are placed at an angle. A longer implant can be placed with a less invasive procedure that does not disturb the sinus cavity on the upper arch.

The treatment takes approximately two to two and a half hours per arch with sedation and you will get your new set of white, natural looking teeth on the same day. You may feel some discomfort or pain after the surgery but this does not last longer than a few hours. Your dentist may prescribe painkillers and antibiotics for 2-3 days and these should be strictly taken as per schedule.

All on Four Dental Implants

Smile makeovers with dental implants need individual attention and it is important to choose the right dentist for the job. Facial structure, age, and health of the patient are also considered when an efficient dental team creates new set of replacement teeth. This is done to ensure that the teeth actually complement the looks of a person and add to the beauty of his or her smile. With medical and dental tourism on the rise, many people go to places where they can get these implants at a ‘cheaper rate’. But if your inexpensive dental implant or crown was also made with cheap materials and components, it would defeat the entire purpose of getting the treatment in the first place.

By getting all on four implants fitted by an experienced and well known dentist, you get a smile makeover, the ability to chew the foods that you love while also bidding adieu to the crippling impacts of loose dentures. With regular brushing and flossing dental implants are easy to take care of and do not involve those bad breath problems that are associated with teeth dentures.
Having missing teeth can compel you to face a lot of discomfort while doing normal activities like eating, smiling, breathing and even talking. Consult your dentist for various teeth replacement options - one such option can be All on Four dental implants. For a better understanding the concept of All on 4 Implants, take a look at the following frequently asked questions.

All on Four Dental Implants: FAQ’s Answered

What is the All on 4 treatment concept?

The All on 4 procedure is the name given to an efficient and capable practice that entails the use of four dental implants in your lower or upper jaw to support a set of replacement teeth so they cannot slip or come out. Dental implants support a replacement tooth and also create replacement roots that will connect with your jaw bone. This can offer you a long term, enduring solution for replacing missing teeth. It will also promote strong, sturdy support and give you a more natural smile. This treatment eliminates the need for bone graft surgery thus delivering you a permanent and natural smile solution in the shortest time possible.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

The All on 4 procedure is designed and carried out in such a way that it minimizes pain and discomfort. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic or sedative in most cases. You will experience minimum swelling and soreness, but that can be taken care of with the prescribed medicines by the dentist. You will be surprised at how little pain that you might feel and how quickly you recover. You can return to your work and normal routine activities within 2-3 days.

How much time is required to recover from the procedure?

Post the treatment, it is suggested to take 2 - 3 days to relax. After that, you can return to your routine activities with a whole new beautiful smile and fully functioning teeth.

Is it correct to expect natural-looking results?

Yes, you can expect the results that will look natural. Wisely choose your dentist. He / she must be highly trained and experienced so that they are able to work on your case more effectively and give you teeth / tooth replacements that are natural-looking and fully functional. Your dentist will carefully take molds of your jaw in order to make sure that you get a perfect fit that will result in a winning smile.

All on 4 Implants - No Dentures

Does age matter for undergoing the treatment?

Often, the dentists suggest that the All on Four dental implants treatment is a matter of concern for older patients with regards to them enjoying complete benefits of the implants. However, health is considered as the main determining factor more than age. If you’re healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, then you’re probably healthy enough to receive dental implants. Consult your dentist and ask about all your concerns related to the implants prior to going for the treatment.

Owing to the success rate of the All on 4 Implants, a number of people are turning toward this treatment to enjoy the many benefits of dental implants and continue to smile more confidently.
Your appearance and particularly your smile play a major role in how confident you feel.

5 Disadvantages of Having Missing Tooth / Teeth

Your teeth are designed in a way to work together and each one has a specific function to perform. So, if one or more teeth are lost, your remaining teeth have to work more - this puts more pressure on them. Many times, most people ignore a missing tooth in the back of their mouth. But, there are a few disadvantages of ignoring this situation:

• Missing or diseased teeth are not good at all for your overall dental health.

• They break your confidence and self-esteem related to your smile and overall appearance.

• When a tooth is missing, the other teeth typically shift toward the gap, thereby causing a dysfunctional bite. This further causes adverse jaw pain, headaches, more broken teeth, and fast wearing down of the remaining teeth.

• Missing your teeth eventually ends up harming your smile and general health.

• A missing tooth or teeth can also result in gum disease by creating a trap for food and bacteria. Gum disease is basically an infection that affects your entire body and can also increase the risk of heart disease, and various other health problems.

So, considering the above mentioned perils associated with missing teeth, you might have to think about investing some of your time and money in yourself and your appearance. Teeth in an hour dental implants can be the best permanent solution for replacing your missing teeth. They look, feel and function much like natural ones. The entire process just requires 2 sessions for placing prosthetic anchors into your jawbone for replacing the missing tooth roots.

Teeth in an Hour - No Dentures

By taking CT scans, your prosthetics are prepared and placed in your mouth the very same day the implants are inserted. The results you will receive will be natural-looking teeth that function the same as your natural teeth. You will not only get your beautiful smile back but will also be filled with a lot of confidence. Moreover, you will be able to resume all your routine activities the same day or most probably the next day after your surgery.

Of late, teeth in an hour in Houston are able to provide a number of patients with a fixed, permanent solution to missing teeth. These solutions enable them to properly chew, smile, laugh, eat, and talk with confidence and without any hassles. Hence, if you are missing a tooth or teeth, do not pose a risk on your oral as well as overall health by neglecting the issue. Simply, schedule an appointment with an experienced oral surgeon today to discuss your options for tooth replacement and lead a healthy and normal life once again.