It is very important to be patient and diligent about this treatment as it will require proper dental care post treatment.

If you are facing total tooth loss and are considering effective treatment options, then the all-on-4 dental implants technique will provide you new hope. The revolutionary All-on-4 method has made it possible to do a complete mouth tooth replacement by using just 4 dental implants per arch.

FAQs Related to All-on-4 Houston Dental Implant

What to expect during and after the All-on-4 dental implants procedure?

There is some level of discomfort associated with any sort of surgery. Your dentist will thoroughly administer anesthesia and sedation to alleviate any pain or discomfort. You might also experience some swelling and bruising following the procedure. For this, your dentist will prescribe some effective medication to help you cope up with it. Usually, patients are able to return back to their normal daily activities the day after the procedure.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

How long does an All-on-4 Procedure takes?

Following your prior consultation and diagnostic procedures like CT scans, X-rays, etc. your implants and new teeth will be placed completely in one appointment. With the All-on-4 Houston dental implant, you can come to the dental clinic with bad or no teeth, and leave the very same day with a beautiful smile and a set of fixed and functional teeth.

Does the all-on-4 dental implants procedure hurt?

The all-on-four treatment and surgery is quite a painless technique. Once the numbness subsides, you will get a bit of swelling and soreness which is normal and usually last for some days. A number of patients are able to continue their normal routine within 2 days post the implant surgery. These 2 days are required to get used to your new teeth and their functioning.

Will you get your replacement teeth on the same day?

As soon as your all-on-four implants have been surgically placed, your dentist will then attach your prosthetic dental bridge that has been custom fabricated in an on-site laboratory from molds taken of your teeth during your previous appointment. So, no need to worry about any extra time walking around without any teeth in your mouth.

What about the post-surgery diet?

Owing to the concealed metal framework included in the pre-fabrication process, your new set of teeth will turn out to be quite stable and strong. It will be possible for you to eat most of the food items right away. You will be able to continue your regular diet within a period of 6-9 weeks. Avoiding hard foods and those foods that require tearing like hard breads, pizza, steak, carrots, corn on the cob, and crunchy and sticky snacks treats including nuts and gum, is suggested.

How must you take care for your All-on-4 teeth implants?

You have to take proper care of your implants and permanent replacement teeth just like you care for your natural teeth. Include daily and regular brushing and flossing in your dental cleaning regime. It is also recommended to visit your dentist for timely follow-ups and check-ups.
Getting teeth in a day in Houston is a reality. This involves a well-known quick and effective solution for your missing teeth. Since it is completed in a single day, you are able to enjoy an optimum quality of life without any delay.

So, what is the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

Teeth in a day in Houston is considered a perfect solution for missing teeth. The method entails placing dental implants and attaching tooth restorations, like a dental crown - all that in the single appointment in the same day. This method is useful as it discards the waiting period from the time the implants are loaded till the time the teeth restorations are fixed onto those implants. Moreover, this technique can offer you all the benefits of going for replacing teeth solutions in the shortest period of time.

Teeth in a day in Houston is a well-known quick and effective solution for your missing teeth. Since it is completed in a single day, you are able to enjoy an optimum quality of life without any delay - it also gets you back eating all of your favorite foods and smiling in the most positive way possible.

Teeth in a Day Houston

While dentures may also provide the same quick solution to your missing teeth issue; however, the removable aspect of these dental devices further gives way to numerous dental problems in the long run. The dentures over the course of time become loose and tend to slip while you eat, talk or laugh. This can be quite irritating and embarrassing. Thus, dental implants, on the contrary, offer more reliable and long-lasting solutions for eliminating missing teeth issues.

Factors Affecting the Cost for Teeth in a Day in Houston

Once you have made the decision to go for teeth in a day implants for replacing your missing teeth; you will be required to consider several factors that will influence the cost of the treatment. If you are interested in getting same day teeth implants to substitute your missing teeth, you most likely need to look closely at the costs involved in the entire treatment. The treatment costs can be impacted by various related factors. Knowing more about those factors can be useful for you to make the correct choices related to your teeth in a day.

There are various factors to be considered that affect the costs of the complete same day dental implants procedure:

• The dental implant surgeon’s expertise and skills
• Brand and quality of the materials used in the dental restoration phase
• Dental implants procedure, diagnostics, and other treatment methods that are part of the whole implant treatment

Getting Prepared for this Technique

If you have decided to go for this treatment it will entail a thorough assessment and examination executed by your dentist. This prior examination and assessment will allow the surgeon, specialized in dental implant in Houston to determine your aptness for this particular implant placing methodology. Generally, it might also require taking certain diagnostics like getting X-rays, CT scans, and impressions of your entire mouth area. Make sure that you discuss all your needs and expectations from this effective method with your dentist before the procedure to ensure that the result of the suggested treatment is as per your expectation and satisfaction.
All on 4 implants is a breakthrough procedure that permits a permanent set of teeth to be fixed that not only looks, but feels completely natural, as well. For better understanding of the All-on-four implants in Houston, read below as frequently asked questions are answered about them:

All on 4 Implants - Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways All on 4 dental implants differ from dentures?

Dentures have to be removed for cleaning, while all-on-four implants are permanently fixed in your mouth hence can be cleaned in the same way as your natural teeth. So, the cleaning process is much easier and without any mess like you experience while using adhesives for holding your dentures in place. The implants look and function like your natural teeth thus you are able to perform all routine activities without the fear of them falling out. A number of patients who have been wearing dentures before having implants have reported how they are happy with the implants as it has enabled them to eat, speak and smile more confidently.

All on Four Implants in Houston

How are All on 4 dental implants different from standard dental implants?

If you are using traditional dental implants, then you might require multiple implants for each arch; while on the contrary, with All on four implants in Houston, only four implants are required generally. This is because of the special angles at which these implants can be placed. This process also adds more stability, thus implying that less number of implants needs to be fixed for achieving the same result.

In a few cases, depending on the patient, a bone grafting procedure might also be a necessity before placing the standard dental implants. The additional procedure of bone grafting further adds to the amount of time taken to complete the whole process owing to the fact that a bone graft can take up to a year to fully heal before you get the implants placed. With All on 4 dental implants, there is no requirement of a bone graft and the implants can be fixed into your jaw followed by placing the bridge immediately.

What to expect while undergoing an All on four dental implants treatment?

Generally, a prior consultation will be scheduled before the procedure starts. During the consultation, X-rays and impressions will also be taken for determining the actual requirements and measurements required for the best possible and optimum results. If your situation demands extraction of your teeth for initiating the implant treatment, that will be conducted in the first visit itself. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the extraction site to get healed. Thus, this procedure is also seldom referred to as teeth in a day. Even as the process itself is done in a single day, it is recommended to have your regular follow-up and check-ups with your dentist; this will ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Who is a suitable candidate for All on Four Implants in Houston?

All on 4 implants are the perfect solution if you want to replace dentures with a fixed bridge. Although most of the people can have All on 4 implants, however, it can be suitable for those who have previously worn loose and uncomfortable dentures.
You can get beautiful new teeth with All on Four Dental Implants owing to the firm structure of the substitution teeth and the rigid stabilization offered by these effective dental implants. This enables you to go home the very same day with a confident smile thanks to your new set of teeth.

A mild oral sedation reassures your utmost comfort level and safety all through the surgery. Moreover, the whole process, entailing any essential teeth removal, can be conducted in one day itself with negligible recovery time. As a result of the surgery you will get a completely- functional set of teeth that will look and feel like your natural ones. The process will also boost your self-esteem and allow you to enjoy the foods that you like once again.

The all on four procedure can offer optimum results in the shortest amount of time with the least discomfort or uneasiness. You might experience slight soreness the next day but that is normal. You will be able to eat food items that same evening and can even return to your work the next day.

Advantages of All on 4 Dental Implants in Houston

The All on 4 treatment was conceptualized to offer edentulous patients with an efficient and effective teeth reinstatement using only four implants to support the instantly loaded full-arch replacement. The concept of all on 4 dental implants treatment offers various benefits including:

• The procedure offers stability even with limited bone volume
• You will be able to feel increased efficiency
• You can get good clinical results
• Prosthetic flexibility is offered by the treatment
• The procedure demands negligible recovery time
• You can get a whole new confident smile in just one day

All on Four Dental Implants

• As compared to the single implants, the overall cost involved in all on 4 dental implants in Houston is less
• Eliminates the need for bone grafting in many cases
• You can easily maintain the dental implants through apt oral hygiene
• As the replacement teeth are secured by only four implants, they are virtually impossible to differentiate from your natural ones
• You can eat different types of foods that you like without any discomfort
• You can get rid of a number of complexities associated with removable appliances
• The procedure requires less number of implants to replace the complete row of teeth
• All on Four Dental Implants offers long-term gains with the capability to last for a lifetime
• Gives you a young appearance with the help of the bone level stabilization
• Unlike the traditional dentures, these replacement teeth won't move around, slip or come out while you speak or eat, thus giving you more oral comfort
• The treatment boosts your confidence as well as your quality of life

Taking into consideration the above mentioned benefits, All on Four Dental Implants are rightfully regarded as a revolutionary advancement in dental technology. With the help of this ultimate tooth replacement methodology, it’s easy for you to bid adieu to traditional removable partial and full dentures or false teeth. Say hello to permanent teeth restorations obtained by single day dental implants.