This article explores all the benefits you would want out of a teeth replacement solution; including natural and healthy-looking, teeth, teeth that don’t cause any pain, discomfort or self-awareness, and teeth that are functional.

All-on-4 in Houston: An Overview

The All-on-4 in Houston is making dreams come true for people suffering from tooth loss and edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left) all over the world! Just think about it: If you were suffering from tooth loss and/or edentulism as a result of periodontal (gum) disease and were lucky enough to be able to write a wish-list for all the things you would want in a teeth replacement solution, what would they be? Obviously, you can never get your original teeth back, but if you lost them to decay and gum disease in the first place, chances are you wouldn’t want this anyway! No, you would want a new set of teeth; new and beautiful teeth. The All-on-4 in Houston can do this for you. Through the precise positioning and careful angulation of four dental implants, an entire customized prosthetic dental bridge can be permanently fixed in your mouth, providing you with a comprehensive solution to all your oral problems. Where’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one and just to prove it to you, let’s explore that wish-list of yours…

All-on-4 in Houston: For the Edentulous and Near-Edentulous Wish-List

Dear tooth fairy, I have lost most (if not all) of my original teeth to gum disease. I would like a new set of teeth that:

Look like natural and healthy teeth: Of course as human beings, our first impulse is to consider our physical appearance. Now, edentulism simply cannot be hidden by keeping your mouth closed, since the teeth support the lips, which makes our mouths look ‘normal’ in the first place! False teeth could work, but because they carry additional bulk to help them remain ‘anchored’, they tend to make the mouth look unnatural and the lips stretched. What you want is a teeth replacement solution that looks like a complete set of natural and healthy teeth; no exceptions! The All-on-4 in Houston achieves this through the affixing of a dental bridge (carefully fabricated to resemble healthy teeth) to dental implants in the jaw.

Do not cause any pain, discomfort or constant self-awareness: Our next consideration would be our own comfort, both physical and emotional. Since false teeth rely on the gums and underlying bone ridge for support, they often cause irritation and inflammation of this delicate soft tissue. The prosthesis used in the All-on-4 in Houston relies only upon the dental implants for support, leaving you with absolutely no pain or discomfort. Furthermore, because the All-on-4 in Houston doesn’t shift around or fall out, you won’t have that constant self-consciousness about your mouth and smile!

Work like natural healthy teeth: Last, but not least, on your wish list for a new set of teeth, you’d want a solution that would enable you to eat all the foods you love as well as to speak normally. The solution provided by the All-on-4 in Houston is immediately functional so you can enjoy your dinner upon your return from the dental office! Furthermore, once the dental implants have healed up nicely, you can return to your normal eating habits (which are hopefully good ones) without compromising the safety of your All-on-4 in Houston dental prosthesis.

This article explores the All on Four dental implant procedure as well as the use of titanium metal as the material from which they are fabricated. It then goes on to present the various benefits and advantages of this innovative technique.

All on Four Implants in Houston: Overview

All on Four implants in Houston offer patients presenting with multiple missing teeth and even edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left) with a comprehensive and working solution to all of their oral problems. Not only does this innovative technique ensure that patients leave the dental office with all traces of bacterial infection and gum disease (the leading cause of rampant tooth loss) completely eradicated, but it also ensures that they can return to their normal lives with a full set of aesthetic, functional and non-removable teeth. With renewed confidence and self-esteem, All on Four implants in Houston have made an immense impact upon the lives of tens of thousands of people!

All on Four Implants in Houston: The Procedure

As the name suggests, this technique involves the affixing of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge to four dental implants that have been carefully inserted at precise angles in regions of the jaw that naturally contain a greater volume of atrophy-resistant bone tissue. Traditional teeth replacement techniques frequently call for six, eight and even more dental implants to be inserted in order to restore aesthetics and functionality to the mouth that has been severely damaged by periodontal (gum) disease. More dental implants mean greater pain and discomfort, a longer recovery period as well as increased costs for the patient. All on Four implants in Houston largely avoid all these problems through the precise angulation and location of only four dental implants, which provides ample support for a dental bridge; a full set of artificial teeth held together by a rigid prosthetic structure. The dental implants themselves are self-supporting artificial ‘tooth roots’ that are fabricated to fit neatly into predrilled sockets in the jawbone. The choice of the metal titanium as the material from which they are constructed is an interesting one and has been made for several reasons:

•    Titanium metal is incredibly strong and durable,
•    It is non-corrosive, so it won’t deteriorate or rust over time,
•    It is completely stable and non-toxic, and
•    It has the unique property of being able to form a strong biological bond with bone tissue; a process termed ‘osseointegration’.

Together, these properties enable the titanium All on Four implants in Houston to provide an exceptionally strong platform upon which the prosthetic dental bridge can be affixed to.

All on Four Implants in Houston: Benefits and Advantages

Thanks to innovative work done by the pioneer of All on Four implants in Houston, European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo, modern dental science now has a comprehensive solution to tooth loss and edentulism that:

•    Is fixed (non-removable) and long-term,
•    Immediately functional,
•    Feels like a full set of natural teeth,
•    Is virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth,
•    Can be applied to a much wider range of cases, even those that present with advanced periodontal disease,
•    The entire procedure behind All on Four implants in Houston can be completed in as little as a single dental appointment of only a few hours!

This article describes one of the leading causes of tooth loss and edentulism, Periodontal (gum) disease, and goes on to emphasize the need for prompt treatment.

Teeth in a Day in Houston: Overview

If someone were to tell you that you could receive a complete set of healthy and natural-looking teeth in a day in Houston, do you think you could accept it as fact? Or would you ask for the fine print to see exactly what the catch is behind this incredible claim? The truth is that you are probably no different than the millions of other people who react with skepticism. After all, while you have faith in the capabilities of modern medical and dental science, the ability to get new, beautiful, functional and non-removable teeth in a day in Houston does seem to lean more towards science fiction that scientific fact! Well, we are proud to tell you that there is an innovative technique capable of complete oral rehabilitation with benefits and advantages that mostly go without precedent. In order to fully appreciate the many wonderful results of this teeth replacement technique – the ‘All on Four’ – is capable of, let’s explore one of the leading causes of tooth loss and edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left)…

Teeth in a Day in Houston: Periodontal (Gum) Disease

According to statistics released by the Center for Disease Control, a staggering 80% of people in the United States present with some form or stage of gum disease; an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. Left untreated as it so often is, simply because people don’t even realize they have this oral affliction, it progresses to become periodontal disease, which inevitably leads to complete tooth loss. Most of the patients requiring new teeth in a day in Houston present with advanced periodontal disease and the problem frequently faced by the oral surgeons that treat them, is a lack of bone volume in the jaw caused by the accumulation of decay and toxin between the teeth and the gingival walls. Since dental implants, like natural teeth, require sufficient bone volume in order to remain ‘anchored’ in the jaw, these patients are either told that they are not candidates for traditional dental implant techniques or that they require bone grafting surgery beforehand. The ‘All on Four’, however, can bypass this problem frequently without the need for this painful, costly and lengthy procedure, thus enabling the patients in dire need of complete oral rehabilitation to receive new teeth in a day in Houston!

New Teeth in a Day in Houston: Prevention Better than Cure

Of course when it comes to health and well-being, prevention is always better than cure, even though the ‘All on Four’ can give you new teeth in a day in Houston. For this reason, it is imperative that you pay your dentist a visit every six months to avoid problems developing and escalating out of control. If you have noticed:

·         Brown stains accumulating between your teeth and on your gums,

·         Bleeding gums when brushing,

·         Gum inflammation and sensitivity

·         Bad breath (or that those close to you recoil when you speak to them)

Or any combination of the above symptoms, then seek out professional attention immediately before you need new teeth in a day in Houston!