This article explores the All on Four dental implant procedure as well as the use of titanium metal as the material from which they are fabricated. It then goes on to present the various benefits and advantages of this innovative technique.

All on Four Implants in Houston: Overview

All on Four implants in Houston offer patients presenting with multiple missing teeth and even edentulism (not having any of your original adult teeth left) with a comprehensive and working solution to all of their oral problems. Not only does this innovative technique ensure that patients leave the dental office with all traces of bacterial infection and gum disease (the leading cause of rampant tooth loss) completely eradicated, but it also ensures that they can return to their normal lives with a full set of aesthetic, functional and non-removable teeth. With renewed confidence and self-esteem, All on Four implants in Houston have made an immense impact upon the lives of tens of thousands of people!

All on Four Implants in Houston: The Procedure

As the name suggests, this technique involves the affixing of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge to four dental implants that have been carefully inserted at precise angles in regions of the jaw that naturally contain a greater volume of atrophy-resistant bone tissue. Traditional teeth replacement techniques frequently call for six, eight and even more dental implants to be inserted in order to restore aesthetics and functionality to the mouth that has been severely damaged by periodontal (gum) disease. More dental implants mean greater pain and discomfort, a longer recovery period as well as increased costs for the patient. All on Four implants in Houston largely avoid all these problems through the precise angulation and location of only four dental implants, which provides ample support for a dental bridge; a full set of artificial teeth held together by a rigid prosthetic structure. The dental implants themselves are self-supporting artificial ‘tooth roots’ that are fabricated to fit neatly into predrilled sockets in the jawbone. The choice of the metal titanium as the material from which they are constructed is an interesting one and has been made for several reasons:

•    Titanium metal is incredibly strong and durable,
•    It is non-corrosive, so it won’t deteriorate or rust over time,
•    It is completely stable and non-toxic, and
•    It has the unique property of being able to form a strong biological bond with bone tissue; a process termed ‘osseointegration’.

Together, these properties enable the titanium All on Four implants in Houston to provide an exceptionally strong platform upon which the prosthetic dental bridge can be affixed to.

All on Four Implants in Houston: Benefits and Advantages

Thanks to innovative work done by the pioneer of All on Four implants in Houston, European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo, modern dental science now has a comprehensive solution to tooth loss and edentulism that:

•    Is fixed (non-removable) and long-term,
•    Immediately functional,
•    Feels like a full set of natural teeth,
•    Is virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth,
•    Can be applied to a much wider range of cases, even those that present with advanced periodontal disease,
•    The entire procedure behind All on Four implants in Houston can be completed in as little as a single dental appointment of only a few hours!

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